treasure hunt

Search and unlock mystery boxes on your GPS location. Have a chance of winning real Kryptomon NFT eggs and loot boxes. Everybody wins so make sure you get whitelisted. Let's go treasure hunting in the physical world!


09 October 3PM UTC
Get whitelisted

Whitelisting closing
08 October 11:59

You Need a Kryptomon NFT to be whitelisted.


All participants that own an NFT will receive the trainer club anniversary badge.


Silver NFT
Hunter Badge


Platinum NFT
Hunter Badge


Loot boxes*


Gold NFT
Hunter Badge


Diamond NFT
Hunter Badge




Gen 1-10*

* Can fluctuate based on the amount of participating hunters.

Prize details

All prizes will be airdropped a week after the events.
Check the prize details below or learn how to participate

EGGS are NFTs, which players can hatch into the KRYPTOMON characters to play the game.

KMON coin is the currency of the Kryptoverse. All the transactions taking place in the game need KMON coin. So hunt for KMON.

Kryptomons are Living NFTs so you've to take care of your Kryptomon as you do of your real-life pet and LOOT BOXES help you with that.

SILVER HUNTER BADGE will give you double the number of boxes in a Treasure Hunt.

GOLD HUNTER BADGE will give you double the number of boxes in a Treasure Hunt and increase the probability of winning a SILVER LOOT BOX.

PLATINUM HUNTER BADGE will give you double the number of boxes in a Treasure Hunt and increase the probability of winning a GOLD LOOT BOX.

DIAMOND HUNTER BADGE will give you rewards from the Platinum badge and increase the probability of winning NFT items such as EGGS and future in-game NFT items.

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How it works

1. Whitelist Wallet Address

To participate in the hunt you will need at least 1 Kryptomon NFT in your wallet and whitelist on hunt.kryptomon.co, or get an invite code from a friend.

2. Confirm location

Treasure hunt is a GPS mobile experience. Search and find mystery boxes based on your GPS location.

- Use of normal browsers like Chrome/safari/brave is recommended.

- Turn on your GPS/Location and grant permission to your browser to access it.

3. Go hunting and Unlock boxes to win prizes.

Unlock your mystery boxes and win loot boxes or Kryptomon NFT eggs. Everybody wins!

How to connect metamask

How to claim
your prizes

This is a 3 DAY event, organized by Kryptomon.

In order to get whitelisted follow our official channels for whitelisting link drops.

All whitelisted participants will get a chance to unlock three boxes.

All boxes will be located based on the user's GPS location. Mystery boxes may contain loot boxes, eggs or can be empty. Participants will only be able to claim a prize for unlocked boxes.

Prizes will be distributed randomly to the participants. The total prize pool is based on 20K participants. To claim your prize a link will be shared in our official announcement channel after the event ended.

LOOTBOXES will be sent directly to a player's game account around a week after the event ends. Eggs and KMON coins are On-chain items that players need to claim from the Treasure hunt Vault. Vault will be ready with the claims around a week after the event ends.

LINK: app.kryptomon.co/claim

Turn off your VPN for the best gaming experience. Metamask must be installed on mobile to verify your address.
The supported browser for IOS and Android is Chrome.

Unopened Boxes will get reshuffled every 24 hours.