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Welcome to the kryptomon

An ever expanding game-saga with interconnected gameplay
experiences, progressive character development, and digital ownership.

Own a kryptomon,
Play the entire
Game Saga

Train, Breed, Hunt
and Battle!

Kryptomons are unique ownable living creatures that evolve under the care and guidance of experienced Trainers.

Using Blockchain to
improve Game Experience

Having great fun while monetizing
your time and owning the digital
collectables you buy.

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Ready, Trainer?

Do you have what it takes to become a trainer? Go out and explore the Kryptomon Universe with your Kryptomon.

Early Access

Your Kryptomons need comfort, training and your combat strategy to triumph in the thrilling battles of this RPG game.


During every full moon, mysterious objects can be found around your neighborhood... Go out, use your goggles and start hunting in this real-life AR treasure Hunt.


world of KOGAEA

Dev Stage

Discover the massive world of Kogaea in this mobile MMORPG. Craft, Battle and find a way to survive this Universe with your Kryptomon team.




Own and trade,
thanks to

Have great fun while monetizing your time and trading your game assets.

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