using blockchain
to improve the game experience

"Current game dynamics between the player and studio are flawed.
We strongly believe that future games should utilise blockchain technology to create a
better gaming experience because it enables Web3 fundamentals: ownership, open
economy and interoperability."

What stays the same:
Building an enjoyable game.

After all, the blockchain revolution is just the cherry on top of the cake, where having a fun game to play is the cake itself.

Kryptomon games are built by top-notch gaming industry experts and veteran videogamers. We are Kryptomon players ourselves, try to beat Brian* in a battle if you can!

Full Ownership

When you buy a digital collectible in a blockchain enabled game, it's yours forever. Choose to keep it, transfer it or sell it for KMON. You have full control.

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Open Economy

By design, the blockchain is open and transparent. It fuels secondary marketplaces and it makes aligning incentives between players and the game studio possible by sharing specific revenue streams.

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Your digital collectible is interconnected across all the Kryptomon Saga. Carry your progress from game to game effortlessly.

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Full Ownership

We value your invested time,
you should too

You’ve spent endless hours leveling your character up to the maximum level and crafting materials to build that ultimate weapon you needed. Now for whatever reason you are too busy to play as much. Your Kryptomon assets deserve so much more than that. Choose to transfer or sell them to monetize your time and money easily!

open economy

The perfect solution to monetize your time
and game assets

We adopted the fundamentals of Web3. The difference is substantial. With regular games, your time and money is ultimately wasted With Web3 games, see your progress live on forever.


Discover the cross-play system

Your Kryptomon digital collectibles have the advantage of accessing all our present and future games. Your progress is saved on the blockchain and is automatically transferred to every game on our platform. Experience cross-play, join in the fun!

kmon universe


Your Kryptomons need comfort, training and your combat strategy to triumph in the thrilling battles of this RPG game.

pink moon

During every full moon, mysterious objects can be found around you. Go out, and start hunting in this real-life AR treasure Hunt.

world of

Discover the massive world of Kogaea in this mobile MMORPG. Craft, Battle and find a way to survive this Universe with your Kryptomon team.