The game currency within KMON saga

$KMON is the special game currency used in all KMON games. It allows you to purchase unique Kryptomons, power-ups, and other items to enhance your gameplay.
Unlike regular game currencies, $KMON is a cryptocurrency token powered by blockchain technology. This means each token is a digital asset that you truly own, with provable scarcity and value.

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You can use your $KMON to:

in-game items

rare items

for $USD



With $KMON, you’re entering in a new digital economy owned by players. This gives you more ways to engage with games and the KMON community. Don’t worry though - you don’t need any blockchain or crypto knowledge to start earning and using $KMON in games!

Just create your wallet and you're ready to start playing

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Swap any other currency to $KMON. Pair: KMON/ETH

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Web2 Game Currencies

  • Centrally controlled by the game developers.

  • Infinite supply - developers can create more currency at will.

  • No real ownership by players - just credits used in the game.

  • No ability to trade or sell currencies outside the game.

  • No scarcity or transparent records.

Web3 Blockchain
Game Currencies

  • Decentralized currencies on a blockchain.

  • Transparently minted according to protocol rules.

  • True digital asset ownership by players.

  • Ability to freely trade currencies peer-to-peer.

  • Scarcity and transparent blockchain records.

  • Utility value that may exist outside the game.


with BNB or Credit Card

The floor price of a Kryptomon NFT is around 50 dollars.

Buy with Credit Card

The easiest way to buy $KMON is with credit card.

Download Metamask wallet
Add Binance Smart Chain to your wallet.
Copy your address to the widget
Fill in the amount you need.
Press continue

Multi-Chain Swap

You can buy $KMON with other tokens which originate from other chains.

Add Binance Smart Chain to your wallet.
Copy your address to the widget
Fill in the amount you need.
Press continue

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The team can count on highly specialized professionals from all around the world, from Italy to the Netherlands through Israel, India, Thailand, Brazil, and many others!

Umberto Canessa Cerchi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Bento

Chief of Product / SVP of Game Development

Bartolomeo De Vitis

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Amit Peled

Chief Strategy Officer

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