Craft, battle and explore Kogaea with your
Kryptomons in this massive mobile MMORPG.

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Beyond a mystical portal lies the parallel world of Kogaea, a lush and vibrant land inhabited by fantastic elemental creatures called Kryptomon. Here, humans and Kryptomon live in harmony with nature under bright blue skies, rushing rivers, and ancient ruins blanketed in moss.


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Relive Our Community


The portal to Kogaea opened up for a select group of players to stress-test the game. Relive the playtests below.




World Raid


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Master the Elemental Forces

Every Kryptomon has a special spells determined by its main and secondary elemental family.









These fiery Kryptomons are renowned for their slow-burn playstyle. With its unique Hydra spell effect, they will slowly but effectively chip off their opponent's health points.

Ground Kryptomons are known for their hard-hitting attacks. Equipped with a unique Sandstorm spell effect, they will ram their opponents to the ground with magnified Headbutts before slamming them down with Stalactite Rain.

Air Kryptomons are known as battle controllers. With their unique Wall of Wind spell, they can block the opponent's Kryptomon as they try to swap with its ally, trapping the former to its doom.

Electro Kryptomons specialize in amplifying their elemental damage. Charging up with Static Electricity to finish you with an amplified Thunderstorm.

Known for controlling the flow of battles, Ghost Kryptomons are equipped with a unique Panic Attack spell that can steal its opponent's elemental charges. Opponents facing these Kryptomons often struggle to fight back with their elemental spells until it's too late, and they succumb to their ultimate spell, Whisper of Doom.

Outplaying its opponent with heals and regeneration from its unique Blessing of Nature spell, Grass Kryptomons are quite durable on the battlefield. Waiting for the right time to unleash the Curse of the Jungle to finish its prey.

Known for their solid defense and resistance, Ice Kryptomons are blessed with a unique Frozen Armor effect. Their opponent will find themselves fighting for survival as they try to melt off its defense, only to find themselves frozen on an Absolute Zero spell.

Notable for their efficient spell casting, Water Kryptomons can cast spells after spells with their unique Water Blessing effect. With reduced charges needed to activate spells on the battlefield, they drown their opponents with a continuous burst of vortex, while finishing them with a powerful tsunami.

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explore the

world of kogaea

Sha Mountains
Oura Canyon
ukko desert
bosco valley
yuni trench

A hellish sprawl of endless lava and flame, strength is everything in the Fire Region. Warlords battle endlessly for control of land and resources, with rumors of a new superpower rising among them.

Little is known about the dark caverns beneath these mountains, but if rumors of giant moles and people who bury themselves alive are any indication, the Ground Region could be one of Kogaea’s most dangerous areas!

The windswept rock formations of the Air Region have always been a haven for artists, aeronauts and wisdom-seeking spiritualists, but Keystone has a new vision for these majestic canyons.

The sands of the Electro Region are home to free spirits and wild anarchists, as well as rugged lawmen trying to bring order to the region. The forces of S.E.N.T.R.Y. battle mechanophile psychopaths!

The Ghost Region is home to all manner of the mystical, the creepy and the unexplained. Monsters, mobsters, and mudfruiters - oh my!

Lush green forests hide political turmoil. The Grass Region is the paradise we’ve always wanted… if it weren’t for the wild Kryptomon attacks!

Home to Kogaea’s enchanted glacial kingdom, the Ice Region is where knights from a bygone era serve under the watchful eye of a new mysterious queen.

Between coral canyons and bright beaches, the Water Region is a bastion of trade for those who set sail on its glassy surface, as well as a source of limitless power for those brave enough to dive into its inky abyss.

creature bestiary in bosco valley





Rabid Rosetail


Craft, battle and explore Kogaea with your Kryptomons in this massive mobile MMORPG.

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the kmon universe


Unleash your inner strategist in the ultimate turn-based RPG. Train, nurture, and evolve your Kryptomons to become the best trainer in the KMON Universe.

pink moon

During every full moon, mysterious objects can be found around you. Go out, and start hunting in this real-life AR treasure Hunt.

world of

Discover the massive world of Kogaea in this mobile MMORPG. Craft, Battle and find a way to survive this Universe with your Kryptomon team.