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The holiday season may be over on Earth, but in Kogaea, it’s just getting started! The Emissary of the Frost has arrived and he’s brought presents, cool cosmetics and snowballs...

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Create a Trainer Hub account before the 28th of January and start playing Revelry of the Frost. Follow the steps below.


Win a BabyDoge NFT

Hold 6K $KMON & 33 billion $BABYDOGE at the event start to enter the raffle for 1 of 100 BabyDoge NFTs.

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Join below (confirm email) for the NFT raffle and whitelist for Revelry of the Frost.

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prize pool

The Emissary of the Frost has be kind this year, dropping 4 new unique NFT cosmetics. Read below how to obtain them all so you can Dress to Impress in the upcoming event.

BabyDoge Head NFT

- For sale at $9,99 in the Hub
- Hold 6K $KMON & 33 Billion $BABYDOGE to enter Raffle

Angry Snowman Head NFT

Join the Large Snowflake Leaderboard event and finish in the top 50 to win the NFT.

Full Red Santa Suit NFT

- For sale at $24,99 in the Hub
- Red Santa Hat is found in the Large Present drops

Revelry of the Frost suite NFT

Buy the whole suit with in-game holiday items at the merchant.

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Finish all quests atleast once in Revelry of the Frost and enter the Raffle for 1 valuable numbered Golden Egg NFT.

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