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Join us in celebrating the upcoming preview of World Of Kogaea: Monster Gone Wild! Embark on a special exciting Treasure Hunt and thrilling questline for a chance to win up to 1 MILLION $KMON in the WOKtober Quest.

Embark on a combat-centric adventure with Abe the Bloodbjorne in Monsters Gone Wild. Explore Bosco, train under Abe's guidance, and help him reclaim his ancestral home from the menacing Dark Leaper.

whitelist closes: 29 october

whitelist closed
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Whitelist opens: 20 October

Ascend the ranks on the WOKtober Quest Leaderboard and unlock extraordinary rewards.

event closes: 6 november

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Only during WOKtober, Pink Moon Hunt is opening its portal to every treasure hunter out there. Don't miss out!

whitelist closes: 19 october

whitelist closed
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Whitelist opens: 11 October

how to win

in woktober

Everybody wins in WOKtober. The quests open on 11th of October, and closes 6th of November.

1 Million $KMON

At the end of WOKtober Quest (6th of Nov), 1M $KMON will be divided by the total XP distributed. That gives a $KMON per XP value. 
$KMON p XP * (your xp points) = total $KMON won.

250 NFT Kryptomon Eggs

Eggs will be raffled randomly on all participants. The higher you are on the ranking, the more chance.

value 10$-100$

15x NFT physical Hunter Merch Packages

An exclusive merch package with t-shirt, hoodie and cap. Randomly given away to participants.

value: 99$

500 WL spots for WOK preview

Join the upcoming preview World of Kogaea: Monsters Gone Wild by claiming whitelist spots. Top 500 will get whitelisted when the official whitelist closes.

Pro subscriptions

500 x 1 month Pro+ 14.90$
50 x 3 months Pro+ 44.70$

More info Pro+

how to join


Go to KMON Zealy Questboard

Create an account & VERIFY YOURSELF

Finish the quests and EARN XP

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