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Climbers of the Waterfall

As Kyros reluctantly accepts his candidacy for the Dendra public elections, old friendships are in peril. As a threat of corruption festers beneath Koraru Falls, tensions are growing between the tree-dwellers of Dendra and the once-legendary “Climbers of the Waterfall”.

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Pink Moon

The enigmatic glimmering shard, once part of the mystical Pink Moon, radiates a captivating, otherworldly energy. Use it to craft rare unique in-game items.

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world of kogaea

Sha Mountains
Oura Canyon
ukko desert
bosco valley
yuni trench


A hellish sprawl of endless lava and flame, strength is everything in the Fire Region. Warlords battle endlessly for control of land and resources, with rumors of a new superpower rising among them.

Sha Mountains

Little is known about the dark caverns beneath these mountains, but if rumors of giant moles and people who bury themselves alive are any indication, the Ground Region could be one of Kogaea’s most dangerous areas!

Oura Canyon

The windswept rock formations of the Air Region have always been a haven for artists, aeronauts and wisdom-seeking spiritualists, but Keystone has a new vision for these majestic canyons.

Ukko Desert

The sands of the Electro Region are home to free spirits and wild anarchists, as well as rugged lawmen trying to bring order to the region. The forces of S.E.N.T.R.Y. battle mechanophile psychopaths!


The Ghost Region is home to all manner of the mystical, the creepy and the unexplained. Monsters, mobsters, and mudfruiters - oh my!

Bosco Valley

Lush green forests hide political turmoil. The Grass Region is the paradise we’ve always wanted… if it weren’t for the wild Kryptomon attacks!


Home to Kogaea’s enchanted glacial kingdom, the Ice Region is where knights from a bygone era serve under the watchful eye of a new mysterious queen.

Yuni Trench

Between coral canyons and bright beaches, the Water Region is a bastion of trade for those who set sail on its glassy surface, as well as a source of limitless power for those brave enough to dive into its inky abyss.


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Discover the massive world of Kogaea in this mobile MMORPG. Craft, Battle and find a way to survive this Universe with your Kryptomon team.