Umberto Canessa Cerchi

June 28, 2023

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Hello there,

I hope this message finds you in high spirits! It's been quite a while since my last blog post, and I must admit, I've missed our chats.

Life, as you all know, can sometimes move at a rapid pace, and for us here, it's been no exception. When the bear markets started affecting our operations, we found ourselves in somewhat choppy waters. On top of this, our team grew exponentially from a small group of 10 to a whopping 40 members in just half a year, all during these challenging times. Picture being in the middle of an ocean during a turbulent storm, with a ship and crew that are still finding their sea legs - quite an adventure, right?

This dynamic period called for a lot of internal focus, fine-tuning our processes, strengthening the crew, and making our 'ship' more resilient. This shift, while necessary, meant I was less present outside of the company. In retrospect, the decision still feels right, although, like in any transition, a few things might have been missed on the outside due to our inward focus. Nevertheless, I'm proud of our Leadership Team and the work they've done, and I'm certain with more of my presence, we can strive to do even better!

I do miss the days when I was able to constantly update you on our progress, directly engage in chats, and conduct AMA sessions on Discord. There's something quite unique about our interactions that I hold dear.

But why am I penning down this letter? It might seem like I'm saying goodbye, but that's far from the truth! In fact, it's the complete opposite - I'm excited to tell you that I'll be back in the thick of it. This project is OUR project, and your faith in me is something I cherish deeply. I'm here for you, and I won't let you down.

Your trust and enthusiasm, especially in our rough patches (yes, we agree those cosmetics weren't our best move), make me more determined. I feel your eagerness when you ask about our marketing strategies or the latest on the KMON front, and I promise to address these issues more effectively.

From now on, expect to see more of me. I'm eager to improve on everything we've worked on and fix what's not working. Speaking of which, there's an issue I'd like to tackle head-on: the black market for bound or in game items (e.g. armor scraps and star tickets). We never intended for this kind of item to be sold because they are crucial for encouraging everyone to contribute to the KMON economy. When these are bought from someone else, it not only risks the asset but affects everyone in the community, including the buyer.

So, we're taking action. Starting now, any posts attempting to sell bound or in game items (e.g. armor scraps and star tickets) will be removed, and repeat offenders risk being banned from the community. To further facilitate redistribution, beginning from Wednesday the 28th, we'll increase the marketplace fees from 3.65% to 5%. This aligns with the market standard and will help us rebalance our economy.

You might be thinking, "Umberto's return isn't as rosy as I imagined" - but trust me, these changes are for the benefit of our community.

Finally, I want to ask - what do you miss the most? I'm keen to re-establish that strong connection we once had. Would you prefer me to resume writing articles or host more AMAs? Let me know your thoughts.

Looking forward to catching up more often,


Umberto Canessa Cerchi

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