May 27, 2024

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World Raid: Pashek's Rampage - Will You Help Save Kogaea (and Earn $10 as Bounty)?

The World of Kogaea Dungeons playtest reaches its climax as a monstrous threat emerges! Pashek has vanished, sparking a chilling question: Where could he be, and what might he be planning? Disturbing intel reveals that Pashek has escaped from a hidden passage below the Lodge and is now roaming free in Kogaea. Coordinates pinpoint his location – this is not a drill, Trainers!

Pashek is big, bad and angry

Driven mad by recent events, Pashek issues a threat. He vows to unleash his fury upon the habitats of Kogaea, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. His exact words are:
“Foolish Trainers! You think you've bested me? I, Pashek, have escaped! The Outworld will pay the price now. Don’t dare to mess with me and prepare for chaos!”

Answer the Call!
This is an emergency, Trainers! A united front is our only hope. Join forces with fellow Trainers in a World Raid to neutralize Pashek before his rampage begins!

Join the World Raid and Help Save Kogaea

  • When: Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, at 2:00 PM UTC 
  • Where: Outside the Poacher's Lodge (Coordinates: 756,1522) 
  • What: A buffed, beefed up by many folds, Pashek with his angry helpers

How to prepare:

  • Become a Trainer: New to the world of Kogaea? Create an account on the Trainer Hub.
  • Download World of Kogaea: Get ready for battle by downloading the World of Kogaea app on iOS, Android, or Windows.
  • Login and Unite: Use your Trainer Hub credentials to log in to the WOK app and join the fight at 2pm UTC, tuesday 28th of May!
  • Assemble at the Location: Be present outside the Poacher's Lodge (Coordinates: 756,1522) at the start time and join the fight!

Earn up to $10 in rewards

All brave players who contribute to defeating Pashek will receive a substantial reward package worth up to $10! This includes:

  • 300 $KMON Coins ($2) 
  • 1 Rare Pinkmoon Shard NFT (valued up to $7-$10)

The fate of Kogaea hangs in the balance, Trainers! Will you answer the call and join the World Raid? Together, we can overcome this monstrous threat and restore peace to the land!

A Break-The-Server World Raid

Pashek's Rampage is part of our playtest where we try to push the boundaries of our servers with a World Raid that brings a lot of action and players in one small area of the map. This enables us to optimize the game to handle a massive amount of players, something an MMO should be able to do.

An impression of last World Raid


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