Michelle Smith Gabela

August 21, 2023

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Greetings Kryptomon Trainers! Welcome to the first edition of our bi-weekly BTS Dev Update, a content series in which we share with you the latest behind-the-scenes development of our game saga. In this blog post, we'll dive into the new eggciting updates we've made to both KMON: Genesis and KMON: World of Kogaea. The journey has been intense, but the results make us happy. Let's get right into it!

KMON: Genesis - Forging New Frontiers

Battle League Enhancement: We've reached a major milestone by successfully integrating the backend matchmaking system, creating a seamless experience for trainers seeking thrilling battles. On the user interface front, we've fine-tuned the mobile UI for a more intuitive and engaging gameplay experience.

Limited-Time Events: Our team of game artists and designers has been hard at work creating captivating 2D creatures for limited-time events. Get ready to encounter these unique creatures! 

Trainer Hub Access: We understand the importance of smooth access. The login bypass feature on the Trainer Hub ensures that you spend less time logging in and more time on your training and battling sessions!

KMON: World of Kogaea - Unveiling the Mysteries

Genetic Marvels in the Kryptomon Panel: The genes are in! Dive into the world of Kryptomon genetics with the fully completed Kryptomon Panel - a hub to better understand the unique genetic traits of your ‘mons.

Creatures at Their Finest: We've improved support for creatures, ensuring that your companions are ready for any challenge. Engage in battles and watch your creatures shine like never before with new blasts VFX.

Artistic Flourishes: The art team has been hard at work, polishing food items, body part items, and meat items to make every visual aspect of the game a feast for the eyes. Energy essence icons have also received a makeover, breathing new life into elemental essence and helix.

Vivid World of Ukko Desert: The Ukko Desert is coming to life with its diverse flora and unique landscapes. From towering flora to intricate small plants, the desert's ecosystem is more captivating than ever. Concept art for the Ferro Pits and The Burning adds depth to the world, while player and Quarkston building concepts provide a glimpse into the future.

Intuitive UI and Trading: User interface enhancements continue, with the completion of the trading window and keybindings. For PC enthusiasts, a tailor-made layout will now ensure optimal comfort during your adventures.

Stories That Captivate: Our Lore Team writers have been hard at work, revamping the story challenge texts to immerse you even deeper into the lore of Kogaea. Get ready for a narrative experience like no other!

These updates mark just a fraction of the incredible work that's happening behind the scenes. Our teams are dedicated to delivering a gaming experience that will exceed your wildest expectations!

Stay tuned for more eggciting updates, and remember, the world behind The KMON Saga is ever-evolving, and your Trainer journey is just beginning!

The KMON Team

Note: All updates mentioned are based on the latest developments up to the date of this blog post. Features and progress are subject to change as the development continues.

Michelle Smith Gabela

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