Carter Mah

September 13, 2022

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- A blog post from a concerned citizen

It’s amazing what an effective marketing campaign can do to sway public opinion. Even if you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’ve likely seen the big, fancy demonstrations the Keystone Group have been hosting almost every week.

It’s almost become somewhat of a show at this point. The big stage and swirly lights, the epic music and over excitable hosts who extoll the benefits of Dark Kryptomon. Listening to them you’d think Dark Kryptomons are the closest we’re ever going to get to a real life Iron Man — Protector of the weak and capable of ensuring the safety and security of your nation.

But I know better. And while the Keystone Group are doing everything they can to suppress the news, we were there that day. We SAW what really went down during the Dark Arena Brawl. And the public deserves to know the truth.

Dark Kryptomon are dangerous.

Dark Kryptomons are beings of unimaginable, overwhelming power. The finals that day were between two of the strongest trainers in the world, and yet, it was terrifying just how easily the Dark Kryptomons bested both of them.

Just how did they obtain that kind of power? What is this “Dark” element that somehow only Keystone has access to? And since it’s not a naturally occurring element, what exactly is the price of using this Dark power? It’s clear that the Keystone Group are doing something to Kryptomons, though no one dares ask what to avoid offending them and losing their “shipment” of Dark Kryptomons.

Because make no mistake — Dark Kryptomons have just overturned the global power dynamic. No country can afford not having a battalion of Dark Kryptomons on standby, and with Keystone having sole monopoly over the production of Dark Kryptomons…

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Keystone Group now hold the lives of all 7 billion people on Earth in the palm of their hands. Profits are one thing, but what’s stopping Keystone from one day setting its sights on a much more… dangerous goal?

So please, if you’re reading this, don’t fall for the glitz and the glamour Keystone are attempting to distract you with. I’ve no doubt Keystone will shut this article down the moment they hear of it, so tell your friends and share this with your family while you can.

The public deserves to know the truth. Keystone must be stopped.

— —

A Concerned Citizen

Carter Mah

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