Michelle Smith Gabela

October 7, 2022

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Kryptomon Power-Ups are finally here! Wondering what they are, their utility, and how to obtain them? To get all your questions answered deep dive into the third edition of our Dev Log brought to you by our SVP, Brian Bento aka Hack1ge.

Hi everyone — Brian aka Hack1ge here again! For those of you who haven’t read my last Dev Log — I’m the Chief Product Officer and SVP of Game Development here at Kryptomon. I’m also known in the community as the supervillain, final boss, Frieza, Thanos — every good story needs a bad guy, what can I say.

So first of all, what are Power-Ups?

As a Kryptomon trainer, you know that one of the key aspects of the game is our caring / Tamagotchi mechanic. This is foundational and impacts everything from training to battles. The caring boost power-ups are NFTs that you can own that improve the efficiency of your caring activities for all of the Kryptomon you own — everything from feeding to health to training.

In every NFT we release there should be a reason behind it, what’s the reason the Power-Ups were born?

As many of you know I’m a huge proponent of having actual utility and usage for NFTs when we create them and it’s a pet peeve of mine when projects drop NFTs that don’t do anything. These power-ups will work straight away and they are designed to help reduce your reliance on items in the caring system. As battles ramp up and training becomes more important, trainers will have a heavy dependence on caring items and so these power-ups are a way for you to reduce the number you need in your daily gameplay. In addition, the training boost will help reduce the time needed to train and increase your Kryptomons strength in battle faster.

Where can we get them?

There are a number of ways you can get the power-ups — first and foremost they will be used as a reward from the weekly quest lines specifically for quest 10. Each week if you complete quest 10 you will receive a random token that can be used in our new blueprint blockchain crafting system to purchase or upgrade the power-ups.

Secondly, the tokens will eventually be sold in our new Item Shop on the Kryptomon Marketplace and will be available for players interested in speeding up their progress to upgrade the NFTs. In addition, the tokens will also be purchasable by candies received from our KMON staking system.

Also as a special bonus to our current players, we will be offering a one-time Launch Day bundle that allows you to purchase 1 of each token (food, health, toy, and training) with a chance to randomly win a pre-upgraded NFT of various levels. This one-time deal will give players a chance to get a head start on their caring boosts and could be as much as a $250 discount.

Can we sell them in the future?

All of the power-ups will be able to be sold on the Kryptomon marketplace in the upcoming release. However, the tokens used for upgrades are what are known as “bound” and cannot be sold. A “bound” item is any NFT that is used in our crafting system that cannot be sold or transferred from the wallet.

Will Power-Ups play a huge part in the future of competitive Kryptomon battles?

These caring boost power-ups are not designed to enhance your Kryptomon’s abilities in battle but they can have a dramatic impact on the future of competitive play. For example, the ability to have Love boost up for increased speed could be a huge factor for high-level competitive play, and having these power-ups will allow you to more easily keep Kryptomon in this state.

Also, battles cause a Kryptomon to lose their health and so over time, this can limit the amount of battles you can complete in a day. As more game modes are released more battles will be required — especially in PVP where ladder play will not be limited and players can play all day long. These power-ups become a key factor in determining how much you can advance per day.

Can we expect more Power Ups in the future?

These power-ups are focused primarily on the caring / Tamagotchi aspect of the game and likely are the only ones we will release for this purpose. However, the technology used to create our blockchain-based blueprint system will open the door for all kinds of future enhancements to gameplay through NFTs. I’d definitely keep your eyes out for more information on things like armor which use a similar system and will drastically impact your power in battle.

Any closing thoughts/messages to the community?

As always, we love to hear from the community when we roll out new features and this time is no different. This is our first time using our new blockchain blueprint system and we are excited about the prospects for the future because adding new NFTs and new blueprints requires almost no code at all. These first NFT items are a huge milestone for us as a project towards our future vision of being the premier battle RPG game on the blockchain.

Michelle Smith Gabela

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