Michelle Smith Gabela

December 8, 2022

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The open beta of the long-awaited new game mode, Challenge-a-Friend is finally here and we asked Tyler (aka Towa) — Kryptomon’s Technical Customer Support Manager, all about it!

Learn all you need to know about this exciting head-to-head release from Kryptomon and get ready to challenge your friends!

What is Kryptomon’s “Challenge-a-Friend”?

The “Challenge-a-Friend” feature is the first taste of battle in Genesis. It’s the payoff for all the training users have put in the last year and a chance for users to learn the battle mechanics before Story Mode/Tournament release!

So, how does it work?
  1. Login on a mobile device that supports the new feature (Android, iOS, Emulator).
  2. Add the user you wish to challenge to the friend list.
  3. Once accepted, press the sword icon next to their name and wait for them to accept the battle.

4. Select between 1–3 Kryptomon and the spells you wish to take into battle.

5. Battle it out!

Why is Challenge-a-Friend an essential piece of the Kryptomon game?

Well, it stands as a foundation for future updates to build on! Now that the framework is built new spells can be added without needing to build new infrastructure.

It is also the first time users can interact in-game with their Kryptomon and I believe that social interactions are core to a positive gaming experience!

How should we find opponents once the feature is released?

Once the feature is released users should make sure they are in our Discord and Telegram to find trainers to battle! There are many trainers of different strengths and levels in both areas so pop in and make a new friend or rival!

What was the most challenging aspect of this feature that made you want to rage quit?

While testing the feature, I had to play many battles against the features creator, Brian (aka Hack1ge). After the first 10 losses in a row, I was ready to rage quit for good but more testing had to be done!

From the Kryptomon team, who do you think will be your rival?

Axel, one of our many amazing moderation staff, seems to be my closest rival! We have had many close games that have come to single-digit health and each time we battle we both get stronger!

As always, we love to hear from the community when we roll out new features and this time is no different.

Please share with us your thoughts about Challenge-a-Friend in our Telegram or Discord community!

Michelle Smith Gabela

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