Michelle Smith Gabela

January 6, 2023

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Welcome to our DevLog #5, the first one of 2023! This year we are starting the year all in with the release of our dedicated Pink Moon app.

To get all the juicy details on this exciting release, we’ve interviewed two key team members who have been instrumental in its ideation and development, Maurice and Umberto.


Umberto: Hello everyone! My name is Umberto and I am the founder and CEO of Kryptomon. It’s great to see new faces here. I’m always happy to chat and share more about Kryptomon! You can generally find me on our various Telegram channels or once per month hosting our Founder’s Talk, a dedicated live stream we broadcast through YouTube and Twitch where we deep dive into all things Kryptomon. Thanks for having me!


Maurice: Hi all, Maurice here again! For those who don’t know me. I am Kryptomon’s Chief Creative Officer. The guy who made up the whole moon concept. And very happy to share with you our next step in treasure hunting. Called Pink Moon!


How would you describe the process of creating the dedicated Pink Moon App?

Tough! When we initiated the project was around March ’22 and we thought it would have taken us no more than a couple of months to bring it to life, but while we were building it the requirements kept changing based on the feedback we received from the community and so it took way more than expected 😀

The browser-based game seemed to work, why was it important to create a dedicated mobile app?

The browser-based it has always been a first iteration, it wasn't stable, scalable, and good enough to support more players and more activities, so it was needed to have a native and dedicated app.

Do we automatically get whitelisted when we use a wallet with a Kryptomon NFT in it?

No, the process is still the same, the players who have a Kryptomon NFT will be able to whitelist, but they will need to do it via the app and confirm the whitelisting :) But for those who forget about it, we got you cover cause the mobile app is now also sending push notifications for example when the hunt starts.

Can we expect more features and activities during the monthly event now that the Pink Moon App is finally here?

Yes, I cannot say when and how, we have a lot of ideas in the backlog on how we can improve the hunt experience, what is certain is that finally having the mobile app gives us a solid base on top of which we can build up the next generation of gameplay experience.


Why is it now called “Kryptomon: Pink Moon” instead of “Treasure Hunt”?

Because by just calling it a regular treasure hunt, it was not connected to the whole Kryptomon universe. We are creating a complete experience here. So it was highly needed to conceptualize it and connect it to the Kryptomon Lore. There the legacy of professor Koa was born.

“The Legacy of Koa” Does this mean Koa will be an integral part of the Kryptomon: Pink Moon storyline?

Yes, he is! but also not.. since Koa is not with us anymore… (read our Komic series). But his knowledge will be used in the legacy of the technology he developed regarding the pink energy. Like in this first version of the Pink Moon app his AR goggles. Go test them in the next hunt!

We celebrate different full moons every month, so what’s so special about the “Pink Moon”?

The Pink Moon is where it all started. In search of the origins of Kryptomon, we realized we started our project during the super pink moon of 16 April 2021. With this in mind, we embedded the moon cycle into our story. And the pink force was found.

Question for both:

Final question, what’s your favorite full moon and why?

Umberto: To be honest, I don’t have a favorite one, to me actually full moons were always something I never really cared about, but now I do cause I know that during that period of time, there are Kryptomons to catch, and there thousands of trainers hunting, this gives me joy.

Maurice: Great question! I love all full moons. But a supermoon like a pink moon is the one I love most. Also because they are rare, these are going to be special hunts.

Download the app on both Android and iOS Testflight:

Android users: http://bit.ly/3Qfs9C4

iOS Testflight users: https://apple.co/3CdJzt2

Learn more about Kryptomon: Pink Moon

As always, we love to hear from the community when we roll out new updates and products, and this time is no different! Please share with us your thoughts about the #PinkMoonApp in our Telegram or Discord channels!

Michelle Smith Gabela

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