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September 7, 2022

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Devs Log #2 | Physital: Bridging Two World Assets

Leading the charge into “phygital” wearables, Davide Matteazzi, Kryptomon’s Chief Merchandising Officer, brings a wealth of experience from his time at various global fashion brands including Diesel and Calvin Klein Jeans. “Digital wearables have a bright future and show a clear path for NFT longevity,” says Matteazzi.Our second edition of Devs Log brings into the spotlight one of the key figures that developed the soon-to-be-released “Physital NFT” collection.

Hi Davide, can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Davide Matteazzi, I am Italian and a happy husband and father of two fantastic kids.I joined Kryptomon’s leadership team in May 2022 with the ambition to develop modern merchandising which merges physical merchandise with digital NFT in-game utility and metaverse wearables.I have been working in merchandising leadership roles in global fashion brands such as Diesel and Calvin Klein for almost 20 years.In the last few months, fashion brands started to look into the Metaverse, and “NFT” became the new “trend”. It was time for me to go out of “my comfort zone” and I decided to challenge myself and be an early adopter of the Web.3 revolution. I met the passionate Kryptomon team and I decided to embrace the project as I strongly believe in its potential; there is a massive opportunity for blockchain gaming to ride the upward momentum of wearable and link it with utility for their in-game audiences to create value for the pieces beyond simple merchandising.

Can you explain what “Physital” means?

As you know, the terminology “phygital” is becoming part of our daily vocabulary when we are talking about a combination of physical and digital objects, mainly done by fashion companies with the ambition to embrace the digital world.With the launch of the “NFT Hunter Club’’, we aim to be the first blockchain gaming company to merge our digital world with physical elements in a very impactful and meaningful way, and for that reason, we decided to introduce the naming “Physital”.

How did the term Physital come to life?

When I started my experience in Kryptomon last May, I started to study the approach of fashion brands entering the blockchain planet. Then, with the team, we decided to work on an innovative project where every single NFT element has an in-game utility.The “NFT Hunter Club” is an exclusive “members only” club, with the focus of connecting the digital and physical world by incorporating 3 elements:1. Digital collectible items2. Limited edition physical goods3. In-game NFT items that boost your gaming experience.

What is the difference between Physital and Phygital?

Good question… with “Physital” we aim to build a new chapter of the Phygital projects. Physital starts from a blockchain gaming company that enters into the physical world with a utility in the NFT items developed.

Will the merch always be tied to a digital counterpart?

This is just our first merchandising project.Kryptomon is a gaming company and our ambition is to create the best blockchain game as we are true believers that NFT and tokens are gonna be the biggest evolution in the gaming space for years. We want our players to enjoy Kryptomon games.At the same time, we believe it is key to make Kryptomon an impactful brand, and merchandising is one of the pillars to do that, together with partnerships and collaborations.We aim to create modern merchandising which involves our community and, indeed, it will be mainly tied to a digital counterpart with a utility towards the game.We have the opportunity to explore, test, and build something new… happy to receive any input.

Will there be more Physital NFTs in the future?

Absolutely yes, we aim to work on other unexpected projects… stay tuned!

Why should we be excited about the Binance NFT Sale?

The “Physital NFT” collection is a pioneering project as it is one of the first of its kind, we are sure it will be seen as a benchmark for several companies.Since its announcement, several media outlets all over the world have already shown their interest in the project and are looking forward to the sale and its results.Content-wise, we built a very rich product, a mystery box that includes several physical and digital collectible items.The Mystery Box sale will be conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis over four different rounds and will last until the items run out of stock.The main sale will take place on the Binance NFT marketplace exclusively on the 9th of September at 11:00 UTC. Meanwhile, the secondary sale will take place on Kryptomon’s own marketplace on the Kryptomon website shortly after, in an exclusive sale that will happen in three rounds.For more information visit the official site:https://www.kryptomon.co/hunter

Michelle Smith Gabela

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