March 3, 2022

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It’s 3:00am. Just another night. It’s not new to me. This whole month has been chasing money into late nights and dealing with charlatans. Not quite the work I was expecting when they gave me vice chief of Keystone Investments… Tonight is different, though. I figured I would be pushing paper and snobbing around conference rooms, but here I am, saving the day, I guess! This has been my first moment to think since the explosion, so here goes:

I’ve known since the eclipse how dangerous the Kryptomon can be, but this project in Kekayaan is no normal research. Whatever Diabaté was doing to those Kryptomon is a lot more dangerous than the usual punk snatching Wild Kryptomon from dumpster alleys. But I guess the goal is the same: Kryptomon Research, or whatever. And they told me it was just a covert inspection — -just more routine surveillance. Am I the only one in the company who has seen the Dark Kryptomon? Does dad know about Diabaté? Does he know Eva was here? Should I tell him?

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s handed me a lit bomb. It was the same when he gave the family our baby Kryptomon. Not exactly Christmas morning, presents under the tree. The Kryptomon came with a sealed letter: instructions. “This is an investment,” he said. “Just have fun with it!”

This Eva woman has outdone herself. She blew the whole thing up. Scientists love to blow things up. Who would’ve guessed Koa would be so upset to lose a little money? Hypocritical bastards. But whatever. Eva did something to Diabaté’s Kryptomon, some kind of healing… I’ve never seen anything like it. Clearly Koa’s research is more interesting than we first thought.

And now I’ve saved her life. She’s stable but sleeping. I can only imagine she knew what Diabaté was doing and came to stop it. I guess I need to keep an eye on her, but now it feels like I need to sell her something, like I can’t get out of my dumbass M.B.A. mentality. If Keystone has taught me anything, though, it’s that I have to throw Diabaté under the bus. Way under.

Ain’t I lucky? The first quiet moment after dealing with the jet and the nurses and all of it, and she’s already starting to wake. She better help me clean up this mess. This feels like a hangover, just picking up beer cans from the sticky floor. College all over again.

About Kryptomon
Every Kryptomon has a unique genetic code made of 38 parameters like DNA. These parameters affect its visual appearance and strength in battle, ensuring uniqueness throughout the Kryptomon NFT game universe.


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