May 23, 2022

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Looks like dad is a celebrity now: the host of the world’s first Kryptomon tournament! I never imagined KeyStone entering into mainstream media quite like this. Our business has always been syndicating news organizations, funding upstart media entities, but now this… what’s next: KeyStoneTV? Well, I’ll admit it’s exciting. Nothing like this has ever been done before, and anything to distract me from the whole Diabaté mess is a welcome change.

It’s a bit nostalgic: a big global tournament with all the trappings and hype of the Olympics… I remember mom got us tickets to watch speed skating at Salt Lake in 2002, and I could hardly believe all the different colors of all the countries’ flags. Maybe dad is having a nostalgic moment of his own, chasing some dream he had as a kid or a young father. But I would never know. Even thinking about those memories at the arenas in Utah, I don’t remember dad there at all.

It gets me thinking about mom, how she would always take us to gift shops wherever we went and give us a keepsake, a souvenir. She loved keeping memories. I have to be grateful. After all, as dad was always keeping up with business — thinking for the future — mom would keep us up with our past. Us Pounds have been all over the world, and I think mom felt an urgency to remind us to feel present while my dad was living 10 years ahead of us. But now she’s gone, and all I have left are all the toys and stuffed animals she would give me. She would always tell me: “It’s a human’s job to remember to love all creatures, because love isn’t just for survival’s sake. We know it best: love is more.”

This tournament makes me nervous, but I trust that dad is just working overtime to solidify his legacy. Our legacy. A tournament in the Pound name that could stand for generations… And, well, Charles is a better TV personality than I am. I better get used to cameras. But the spotlight is hardly on us… Kryptomon battles will be a spectacle unlike anything the world has ever seen. Something they’ll never forget.

About Kryptomon
Kryptomon is an NFT Play-and-Earn game set in its own universe, allowing you to raise your own Kryptomon.


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