Berend Ouwerling

May 3, 2024

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World of Kogaea Playtest: Dungeons - You are not ready to Face Them!

Monstrous shadows are in search of worthy challengers. You can hear the whispers of long-lost champions echo through the halls, a chilling reminder of the power that lies dormant within the WOK: Dungeons.

Glory Awaits: a testament to your courage and skill. Gather your troops, form your squad, and prepare for the Assault on Poacher's Lodge. A $50,000 in $KMON prize pool awaits you and your team.

Sign up now and secure your spot in this epic showdown:

Forge Your Destiny: Teamwork and Strategy
Victory demands teamwork! Create an unstoppable team with friends to conquer the treacherous dungeons. The key lies in understanding your role and building synergy within your party.

Choose your role wisely:

  • DPS: Unleash your offensive power with Ground/Ghost (Short-Range) or Electro/Fire (Long-Range) Kryptomons.
  • Tank: Be the unwavering shield for your team with Air/Ice elemental Kryptomons.
  • Healer: Mend your allies' wounds and keep them in the fight with Grass/Water elemental Kryptomons.

Remember: Individual Kryptomons possess dual elements, allowing them to potentially cover two roles.

Dungeons are a 5-player show. Experiment with different archetype combinations to discover your ultimate team build.

Beyond the Thrill: Exclusive Rewards and a Glimpse of Glory

WOK: Dungeons offers more than just heart-pounding action. Claim exclusive rewards as you conquer challenges and prove your mettle.
Here's a taste of what awaits: Get a bite from $50,000 in $KMON prize pool

  • Pinkmoon Shards: These special shiny NFTs can be yours by completing daily quests and conquering the dungeon (value up to $250).
  • Main Leaderboard: Ascend the ranks and prove your prowess as the strongest trainers in Kogaea by accumulating points through successful dungeon runs.
  • Tier Rewards: Daily quests, defeating mobs, and various in-game actions will grant you raffle tickets. The more you collect, the higher your chances of winning big in the massive final KMON Lottery!

Guaranteed prizes await the top achievers!

Don't Go It Alone! Building a strong team is crucial for success. Join the Kryptomon Discord server and find allies to join you in your quest for glory.

The fate of Kogaea rests in your hands. Will you answer the call?

Berend Ouwerling

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