LiveOps Team

August 22, 2023

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Hello to all the KMON trainers and enthusiasts from every corner of our vast gaming universe! We first introduced the KMON Sit & Play Tournaments not long ago and that was just the beginning!

The journey from Game Nights to the KMON Sit & Play battles has seen remarkable milestones. And now, we're about to amplify the thrill. Welcome to the extended universe of KMON Sit & Play Tournaments - now accommodating all four distinct Kryptomon tiers: Rookie, Veteran, Elite, and Hero!

But there's more. What's a battle without stakes? We're diversifying the entry fees each week, tailoring them uniquely for each tier and keeping them in constant development! Whether you're just starting off as a Rookie or dominating the grounds as a Hero, whether you want to boast your shiny armor or see your Kryptomon dominate without it, we've got challenges in store for every level and taste. Entry fees will range throughout all tiers from a mere $1 in $KMON to a grand $10 in $KMON, ensuring there's a spot for every player and every budget.

We listened to your feedback and gladly decided to slightly vary the reward structure:
Now by winning one match you are already back on track with your entry fee! Stay up to date on our community chats and socials to check out the new reward graphics and start planning your road to eternal glory!

Our second big change is re-introducing a three match final to decide the winner.
One knockout match all the way from the start to the final, and three matches among the finalists to determine the champion!

Are you feeling the adrenaline rush already? Gear up and get ready for a more inclusive, more challenging and varied gaming experience with KMON Sit & Play. Stay connected through our channels including Telegram, Discord, TrainerHub, and other social platforms. The biggest evolution in KMON Sit & Play is about to unfold.

Made for the players, Won only by the Champions.


The LiveOps Team

LiveOps Team

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