LiveOps Team

August 22, 2023

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Dear Kryptomon Trainers,

Your dedication and competitive nature has been spoken and we’ve listened! Building on the initial success of our KMON Sit & Play Tournaments, we're taking things to the next level. Introducing our newly expanded formats catering to all Kryptomon Tiers - Rookie, Veteran, Elite, and Hero!

The Tier Revolution: Each tier now has its dedicated tournament space. The diversity ensures that whether you're just getting started or have seasoned expertise, there's a tournament waiting for you.

Flexible Entry Fees: Depending on your chosen tier and Armor or No Armor preference, entry fees will vary constantly every week. Dive in with as little as $1 or rise to the grand challenges with an entry fee of up to $10. It's all about choice, challenge, and unparalleled competition.

Registration and Payment Process:

Registration Step #1: Access the registration form on our Trainer Hub, Telegram/Discord channels or our instagram. Once sufficient participants register, a potential infinite number of groups of 8 will be formed and each individual will be directly informed about securing a potential spot in the tournament. Remember, there's no need to send your entry fee just yet. But, ensure you provide your Telegram/Discord username, participating Kryptomon IDs, associated game wallet and the Rank Tier format you would like to participate in.

Registration Step #2: If contacted, you will then have that day to send in your tier-specific $KMON entry fee to an official KMON Company dedicated Sit & Play wallet to confirm your participation.

Filling Available Spots: If a player decides to back out before giving in the entry fee or doesn't complete the payment within the timeframe, the next player from the registration list gets the chance to fill in.

Tournament Duration: Expect an immersive and rapid experience. With a total limit of 8 players PER group, each group event will consist of 10 matches, (3 matches for the final) approximately spanning 1.5 to 2 hours.

Tournament Details:

Players: 8 participants per tournament.

Entry Fees: Depending on the tiers and week, ranging from $1 to $10.

Rank: Each tournament will be tier-specific.

Armor and Battle Consumables: There will be a choice between choosing tiers and versions with or without Armor

Reward Structure: Both Entry Fees and Rewards will be in $KMON. The runner-up and Champion can expect tantalizing rewards, the 3rd and 4th position participants will recuperate their entry fee investment!

Stay up to date for further announcements, clarifications and any updates across our platforms!

Made for the Players, Won only by the Champions.

The LiveOps Team

LiveOps Team

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