Michelle Smith Gabela

December 14, 2023

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Battle League Season 1: Make Your Mark

Are you ready, Champion? We just released the much anticipated game mode: Battle League (PVP) on iOS, Android, and Windows. This new mode revolves around seasonal gameplay, lasting 30-60 days, where players engage in intense matches to climb the ranks, aiming for eggciting rewards. The heart of Battle League lies in its competitive structure, where players face off against random opponents based on their battle rating.

Without further ado let’s dive into the blog and explore the details that make Battle League the new KMON game changer.

Battle League Explained

Leagues and Tiers

Immerse yourself in our league-tiered system: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, each with five tiers. Trainers will begin their journey in Stone V, the humble beginnings of their competitive saga. After you did your work (and won!) you progress tiers, eventually moving up the leagues. 

Battle Point System

Each tier has 100 points. Ascend the ranks by earning 20 points for a victory in each tier. Face unique challenges thoughwith tier-specific loss penalties:

Diamond & Platinum League: 20

Gold League: 15

Silver League: 10

Bronze & Stone League: 5

Promotion and Demotion

Scale the heights of each tier, capping at 100 points, to trigger a promotion battle. Navigate the risks at the bottom end to face a demotion battle. A loss in a demotion battle pushes you down within the lower tier.

You can’t go lower than Stone League. Also, Players when they lose cannot go below 0 or above 100 without participating in a demotion or promotion battle.

Seasonal Reset

After each season, players move down two leagues. This carefully designed system guarantees a continuously changing competitive landscape in the game, offering a great opportunity for players at lower levels to bridge the gap and catch up with the most experienced players out there. 

In essence is like a refreshing breeze that keeps the gaming atmosphere dynamic, fair, and eggciting, ensuring every KMON Trainer has a shot at success. 

Battle League Rewards

All that blood, sweat, and tears won’t go unnoticed. At every step of the way, there are rewards to be claimed. From useful (and needed!) in-game items to valuable $KMON. It most depends on if you go in fully loaded with a Battle Pass or not.

Maximize Rewards with a Battle League Pass

Increase your rewards with the Battle League Pass, unlocking a dual-tier reward system. An unmistakable icon signifies the activation of the Battle League Pass. Available in the shop.

Tier Promotion Rewards

Celebrate your success as you reach a higher tier and revel in the eggsclusive rewards crafted just for you based on your accomplishments. So, climb those tiers and treat yourself to the special perks waiting for you at each new level! Choose between free and Battle Pass options. Platinum 1 players can recover invested KMON tokens, a strategic incentive for Battle Pass holders.

End-of-Season League Rewards:

Enjoy valuable special rewards like Battle Potions, PVP Gladiator Armor Scraps, and more based on how well your rank is. Even better - there will be an extra prize pool announced later in the season. Hang out in our discord or telegram to find out more.

Need to know information

- The season is currently slated for 6 weeks (end 25th Jan) but may be extended based on player progression

- We take cheating and exploits seriously and per our EULA terms of service, we reserve the right to take actions including temporary/permanent bans and progress reset

- There will be no win-trading or intentional losses of any kind - we will be tracking games and looking at patterns to ensure there is fair competition

- Players should not exploit systems by transferring their teams/armor to multiple accounts, if we find that this is occurring we will reset progress on all accounts

- In the interest of fair play, if you see or hear of any players cheating or exploiting systems please contact support immediately

- End-of-season rewards will be based on the final league/tier ranking and not the highest ranking achieved

- We also will not tolerate any type of unsportsmanlike behavior in the community and will issue temporary or permanent bans from Telegram and/or Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i start out when i'm new to the game? 

Yes you can! The beauty of Battle League is it's tier bases. The longer you battle, the more chance you'll have to fight someone from your own rank. Big chance ofcourse you loose a couple, but keep pushing. Start by creating an account in the trainerhub, create synthetics and download the game.

Can Synthetic Kryptomons Participate?

Yes, Synthetic Kryptomons are eligible to participate in the Battle League alongside other Kryptomons. Did you train your synthetics and want to move progression to NFT Kryptomon which is stronger? No worry, you can use the migrate function in the Trainer Hub.

What is that New Battle Potion?

Battle potion is the new addition to the KMON: Genesis gaming Experience that will boost out the Kryptomon Stats for the whole match it was used in.

What types of Battle Potions are there?

There are 6 types of potions, each tied to a tier. Diamond has the strongest impact.

Enhances Kryptomon Strength (Physical Attack and Elemental Power) and Defence (Physical and Elemental Defence) during the match it got used on the Kryptomon unlike the Consumables its effect goes for the whole match the Battle potion got used on.

Is there stacking of potions? 

Higher-tier potions replace lower-tier ones if used on the same Kryptomon. So no stacking of the multiple battle potions on the same Kryptomon.

How to acquire Battle Potions?

Exclusively available through playing the Battle League. Each League grants potions of its tier (e.g., Stone League provides Stone Battle Potion). Additional Battle Potions will be given out  are based on the final league standing at the end of the season.

How to activate Battle Pass?

  • Purchase the Battle Pass key from Primus Bazaar (Marketplace shop).
  • Activate Battle Pass within the Battle League.

Can you Claim Previous League Dual Rewards on the Active Battle League Season?

Yes, players can claim previously unlocked rewards after activating the Battle Pass. Example: If on Gold League, all rewards from Stone, Bronze, and Silver Battle Passes can be claimed.

What is the Battle Pass Price?

Usual price: $19.99.
Launch discount: 25% off, available for $14.99 during the First Battle League.

Michelle Smith Gabela

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