Carter Mah

February 10, 2022

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Play & Earn in the season of love

Play & Earn in the season of love

Hello trainers, welcome back to the wonderful world of Kryptomon.

With the caring mechanism released in Version 1.1 for just over a month now, hopefully you’ve been taking advantage of your first mover advantage by keeping your Kryptomon partners happy and constantly training! The team have been hard at work and on the 15th of February 2022, Version 1.2 will be released to the public, officially introducing the Breeding and Quest mechanisms for the very first time.

Several exciting changes have been made in Version 1.2 and you can watch *Spoiler Lord* Umberto and *Handsome* Carter explain these in their recent Founders Talk here. However, if you’re not a fan of video and would prefer to just read through what Version 1.2 will bring, you’re in the right place.

So kick back, make sure your Kryptomons are fed and let’s jump right into it!

Breeding — The Season of Love

Love is in the air

Was it a coincidence that breeding will be released just one day after Valentine’s Day?

Now that your baby Kryptomons are on the verge of evolving into a Junior Kryptomon (young adult), trainers who intend to specialize in breeding will finally be able to breed and sell Kryptomon eggs. Trainers can do this by themselves (if they own 2 or more Kryptomons), with friends and even with other trainers looking to make a little profit!

Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about breeding:

Find a partner via the Marketplace.

A new tab has been created in the Kryptomon Marketplace where trainers can list their Kryptomon for breeding, along with a Breeding Fee. This gives trainers the chance to:

  • Make a Profit — Unlocks earning potential for trainers who aren’t interested in breeding but own strong Kryptomon. Simply list them on the marketplace and earn the Breeding Fee whenever your Kryptomon is selected to be someone’s breeding partner.
  • Choose an Optimal Partner — Unlike other games out there, you don’t need to own both Kryptomons in order to breed them. This system gives you access to a much larger and more varied gene pool that will increase your chances of breeding the ultimate baby Kryptomon.

Excel… Be Gone!

The resulting offspring’s genes will be dependent on its parents genes, mutation probabilities and a bunch other fancy math that goes on in the background when the “Breed” button is hit. Fortunately for you, we don’t want trainers spending time maintaining and filling out complex Excel spreadsheets manually to determine possible outcomes.

Less time doing math = More time playing the game

Instead, a special UI has been built to do all of the calculations automatically for you. When searching for partners in the Marketplace, this UI will instantly determine the range of possible outcomes so that you can make the most informed decision before committing to a breed.


In addition to being dependent on the genes of the parents, breeders will have to factor in the effect of mutation occurring when attempting to predict the offspring’s genetic parameters. With the exception of Gen 0 Kryptomon, all other Kryptomons will see a deviation in the resulting egg’s stats due to mutation, with higher gen Kryptomons showing the largest possible deviations.

It’s important to note however, that mutation isn’t always negative but can be a good thing. Mutation is the deviation of the baby’s genes away from it’s parents, so two Generation 10 Kryptomons (high mutation effect) that both have low Attack parameters could theoretically give birth to a Kryptomon with high Attack!

We expect that this will create a market for people looking to breed with lower Generation Kryptomons while still ensuring that high Generation Kryptomons have value.

Breeding two high Generation Kryptomons is akin to playing the gene lottery and you might walk away with an absolute beast of a Kryptomon… or the exact opposite. However, all trainers with strong Kryptomons will still strive to breed their Kryptomon with lower Generation ones in order to increase the chances of passing on good genes.

In addition, while Generation 0 Kryptomon will see a near 0% chance of negative mutation, they do have a chance of seeing a small positive mutation, once again adding to the value of Generation 0 Kryptomon.

Mutation Example:

Kryptomon A has 100 Attack while Kryptomon B has 1 Attack. Assuming that breeding takes a simple average of the two genes, you would expect that the baby Kryptomon to have an Attack of 50.

However, because both Kryptomon A and B are Generation 10 Kryptomons, this means that there is a 50% mutation range for the baby’s stats, so the resulting baby’s Attack parameter could be anywhere between 25 and 75.

The above is simply an example with made up numbers and percentages to help visualize the mutation process. This in no way represents the math, logic and mutation range percentages actually being used behind the scenes.

Cost and Limitations of Breeding

There are 2 parts to the fee associated when Kryptomons breed:

  • Breeding Cost of $75 — This is a flat fee paid in KMON and will be charged to the trainer who initiates the breed.
  • Breed Fatigue Fee — A 10% fee is added for each time a Kryptomon has produced offspring in the past year. This fee (also in KMON) is calculated for each of the 2 Kryptomons involved in the breed and will be charged to the trainer initiating the breed.
    Note that breed counts resets back to to 0 when your Kryptomon enters the next phase of growth (eg: Young -> Young Adult)

In addition, Kryptomons can’t just continuously breed and produce offspring all year long. While an egg is produced instantly after breeding and given to the initiator of the breed, there will be a cooldown period for the two Kryptomons based on their Speed parameter.

Kryptomons are also limited in the number of times they can breed per year and is dependent on its age and its Stamina parameter. The exact numbers are shown in the table below:

Breeding Quota

Breeding Example

Carter lists his Kryptomon (Gaia) up on the marketplace for breeding with a Breeding Fee of $500 and Umberto thinks that Gaia would make a great breeding partner for his Kryptomon (Zero). Gaia has already bred 5 times this year but this will be the first time Zero is breeding.

Cost to Umberto:

  • Breeding Cost = $75 since Umberto initiated the breed
  • Breed Fatigue Fee = $0 because this is the first time Zero is breeding + $37.5 ($75 * 0.5) since this will be the 6th time Gaia is breeding this year
  • Breeding Fee = $500 paid to Carter
  • Total = $612.5

Cost to Carter:

  • Breeding Cost = $0 since Carter did not initiate the breed
  • Breed Fatigue Fee = $0 since Carter did not initiate the breed
  • Breeding Fee = Earned $500 from Umberto
  • Total = Profit of $500

Play & Earn Part 1 — Quests

Gasp! Who’s this?

It’s been a long time coming, but Professor Koa and Eva have been hard at work unravelling the secrets behind Kryptomon and now YOU can help them. Once Version 1.2 is released, trainers will start receiving quests from the various characters, some of which you’ll recognize and some… you won’t.

Quest Chains

Every trainer will receive a weekly quest chain at the start of the week (Monday 00:00:00 UTC) and will have exactly 7 days to complete it before the next quest chain is issued. Any uncompleted quests by the end of the week will expire and no reward will be given for them, regardless of how close you were to finishing it.

Eg: Assuming your quest was to feed your Kryptomon its favorite food 3 times and you’ve only fed it twice by Sunday 23:59:59, you get no reward for that quest.

Quest chains are made up of 10 individual quests, with each successive quest becoming progressively more difficult as you work your way up the chain. For now, trainers will not be able to see all 10 quests in the chain at the start of the week, though this is something that we’re working to change in future releases.

In the future, while trainers might be able to see all quests at the start of the week, you cannot complete quests in parallel.

Eg: Assuming Quest 1 is to feed your Kryptomon its favorite food 3 times while Quest 2 is to play with your Kryptomon 3 times.

If you play with your Kryptomon but haven’t yet completed Quest 1, you do not get any progress towards completing Quest 2.

Quest Rewards

“I understand the Play part, but how do I Earn with quests?”

I’m glad you asked! Completing quests will reward you with different prizes depending on the quest you’ve completed. Specifically:

  • Quests 1–4 will reward trainers with in game items — Food items, Medicine etc etc
  • Quest 5 will reward you with KMON tokens
  • Quests 6–9 will see you earning premium in game items
  • Quest 10 will reward KMON tokens.

Note that I didn’t specify how many KMON tokens you’ll earn for completing quests 5 and 10 and that’s because… we don’t know either! 👀

In the future, it is our goal to have a dynamic, fully automated solution that will determine the weekly KMON payouts for quests, but for now we just don’t have that kind of data to be able to say anything for sure. That’s why for now we’ll be manually determining a prize pool every week and increase/decrease it over time as necessary.

Trainers who complete at least Quest 5 will be eligible to earn from this weekly pool of KMON and those who manage to complete both Quest 5 AND Quest 10 will naturally receive more KMON.

Frequently Asked Questions

I own more than 1 Kryptomon. Does that mean I’ll receive more than 1 quest chain every week?

  • You receive only 1 quest chain per week regardless of the number of Kryptomon you own. However, you can use any number of Kryptomons when completing the quest chain.
  • Eg: You’ve completed Quest 1 with Kryptomon A. You then realize that Quest 2 is far easier to complete with Kryptomon B and you can do so. However, you cannot use multiple Kryptomons for the same Quest 1.

In the example above, Gaia is breeding for the 6th time this year so why isn’t Carter paying the Breed Fatigue Fee?

  • All fees are completely paid for by the person initiating the breed. Since Umberto was the one who chose to pick Gaia as a breeding partner, Umberto will pay all associated fees.
  • Had we made it such that Carter pays for the Breeding Fatigue Fee, Carter would have simply priced it into his Breeding Fee to make it $537.5 instead of $500. With the current system, it is now clearer to everyone what the Breeding Fee trainers are asking for without taking into consideration the Breeding Fatigue Fee.

Carter Mah

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