August 25, 2021

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New partnership with Simplex

Kryptomon — Bringing Crypto to the Masses

What. A. Week!!

The past couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind of activity with the community sale and IDO taking place. A massive thank you to all of our partners and advisors who were working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly. 🙏 Of course, we can’t forget about the overwhelming amount of support from all of our trainers, which saw the price of $KMON soaring from $0.006 and eventually settling at its current (at time of writing) price of $0.075.

With the IDO milestone complete, it’s time to turn our attention back to what attracted all of you to Kryptomon in the first place — the game! We also discuss below how our new partnership with Simplex will pave the way in catapulting Kryptomon into mainstream media.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

The Problem with the Crypto Gaming Space

The crypto gaming space is gaining traction in the market, of that there is no doubt. With games like Axie Infinity now giving people the ability to earn a living and even save up enough money for a house in the Philippines, more and more people, regardless of their proficiency in the crypto space, are starting to realize that crypto gaming is a phenomenon that is here to stay.

Untapped Potential

At time of writing, it is estimated that there are approximately 41.9 million gamers in the crypto space. While that sounds like a large number, what if I told you that the current (non crypto) gaming industry estimates that there are roughly 2.5 billion gamers in the world? In 2019, Fortnite alone had 250 million registered users, 5x the number of gamers in the entire crypto space!

The crypto space has only tapped into 1.68% of potential gamers worldwide.

This would mean that crypto games have only tapped into 1.68% of potential gamers worldwide. Let that sink it for a little bit. A full 98% of all the gamers in the world have either:

  • Never heard of crypto games
  • Are worried and don’t feel confident in jumping into the crypto and crypto gaming space
  • Want to give crypto gaming a try, but have no idea how to go about doing it.
Getting Started is a Complex Process

Going back to what we’ve just said about Axie Infinity and the crypto market boom in general, it’s highly unlikely that the first case is true. And while it is very possible that a portion of gamers belong to the second category in how they’ve heard about the volatility of the crypto markets and aren’t looking to expand into crypto gaming any time soon, it’s more likely that a significant portion of these 98% gamers just don’t have the knowledge on how they can get set up and get started playing crypto games.

This was our experience as well, not just when introducing new trainers in Discord to Kryptomon, but also in our personal lives where we had to explain to our friends and family how to:

  • Set up Metamask
  • Explain what a wallet address is
  • Configure Metamask to use the Binance Smart Chain
  • Create a Binance Account
  • Buy some BNB
  • Transfer BNB over to your Metamask
  • Explain what gas fees are and why they fluctuate
  • How to use PancakeSwap to convert BNB to KMON

… the list goes on!

For some of the more seasoned veterans in the crypto space, this might seem like common knowledge. But for an 18 year old kid who just happened to see an ad of Kryptomon and his 56 year old mom and dad who’ve never used Binance before? All of the above is gibberish.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

A New Partner — Simplex

On their website, Simplex is described as “A licensed financial institution which empowers its vast network of partners to accept the widest range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA, and more!” But for the crypto veterans out there that didn’t immediately recognize the name, here’s a quick reminder: Simplex is the company that provides a fiat-to-crypto gateway on Binance!

Using Simplex, one can purchase over 90+ cryptocurrencies using over 50 different fiat currencies. It’s not surprising that they’ve now integrated and provided services to over 350 partners in the world.

The full list of large and well known companies that utilizes Simplex’s services are is too numerous to list… but we’ve listed a few of their partners aside from Binance that you might just recognize: 😉

  • TrustWallet
  • Poloniex
  • Trezor
  • MyEtherWallet
  • KuCoin

and many more. For more information about Simplex partners, check out this link.

Kryptomon For The Masses with Simplex

This is where Kryptomon has a unique competitive advantage over the many crypto games out there. Our target audience isn’t just the 41.9 million crypto gamers, but all 2.5 billion gamers in the world. From every 18 year old who will pick up the easy to understand gameplay to all the 80’s kids feeling nostalgic for a little bit more of the Pokemon magic, Kryptomon wants YOU.

The first step in realizing that dream is to get rid of that complex 8 step process described above just to buy $KMON, and this new partnership with Simplex will allow us to do precisely that!

In the future, this means that just about anyone with a smartphone (yes, including that 18 year old kid with his 56 year old mom and dad) will be able to download the Kryptomon game onto their phone, which will come pre-loaded with a crypto wallet capable of storing $KMON. Via Simplex, they’ll be able to key in their debit/credit card details and purchase $KMON with fiat instantly, just like how you can purchase in game currency today with games like Clash of Clans or PUBG!

“We are thrilled to partner with Kryptomon to enable seamless and secure $KMON onramps for billions of gamers, globally”, — said Ari Last, VP Business Development at Simplex.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

Final Thoughts 💭

From the start, Kryptomon has always been a game that we intended to bring to the general public. With the IDO now behind us, developmental focus has shifted back into making the game the best possible version of itself before the Phase 1 launch.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t already planning for the future and with industry titans like Simplex standing behind Kryptomon, it really will be an exciting journey to see just where Kryptomon will end up in a year’s time.

2.5 billion gamers, we’re coming for you!

Signing off for now. 😉


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