Carter Mah

May 9, 2022

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Personal Vs Professional Quandaries

[Kyros’s Study in Greece — May]

As I set my pen to paper, a veritable torrent of emotions war within me, each fighting to be heard. Exhilaration and curiosity at the possibility that Kryptomons might have existed before our time; longing for Embie and the determination to use this arena battle as a chance to discover clues about his whereabouts; guilt for dragging Eva into something she strongly opposes…

But isn’t that precisely why I keep this log? A safe space where I might try to make sense of the chaos, where I can admit that I’m not some infallible superhero or the “Father of Kryptomon” and that I have desires or make just as many mistakes as the next guy.

So let’s start at the beginning.

Conspiracy or Kryptomonspiracy?

There is so much to unpack here. The assumption we’ll have to make is that those murals in the ruins actually are referencing Kryptomon and not yet another species we’ve never heard of before. A large leap for sure, but just imagine the ramifications of this discovery!

How is it possible that we’ve never heard of Kryptomons before? There is no doubt that those murals are thousands of years old, but nowhere in our rich history is any mention of humans coming into contact with… pets that can seemingly bend the very elements to their whim. Not only is there no information on Kryptomon whatsoever, there were also no Kryptomons on Earth prior to that fateful day when we discovered the batch of 10,000.

This then begs the question - What happened? Did the Kryptomons get wiped out in a manner similar to the dinosaurs? Did we simply lose all knowledge of Kryptomon to time or is there some conspiracy that destroyed all of it? What became of those who previously came into contact with Kryptomons all those years ago?

And what of those 2 Kryptomons pictured on the mural? Seemingly locked in battle, they differ significantly from the Kryptomons we see today in both shape and color. The artist must have felt them both important enough to be the focus of his/her work, so who are they?

There are just too many questions that we have no answers to at this point. Why was the black Kryptomon pictured in an egg of some sort in the middle of the mural? What was in the top right corner that we’ve now lost to time? Who are the 3 humans in the bottom panel and what are they doing?

If only I had more time for research.

Keystone Arena

It’s being called the Keystone Arena, a place where trainers from all around the world can come together, train and battle each other. A revolutionary idea if social media is to be any judge, given how quickly it’s blown up in the few hours after the interview was aired. Already titles like “The next Olympic sport!” are popping up on forums everywhere along with projections for how much revenue this could bring in from sponsors and companies eager to associate their brand to this new event.

Where others might see a shot at fame and fortune amongst the glitzy lights and confetti, all I see is the man who might be able to shed some light on Embie’s disappearance the night of the fire. I see a chance to finally rub shoulders with the illustrious Charles Pound, CEO of Keystone Bank and hopefully get some answers.

I’m not foolish enough to expect that the man will go out of his way to help me. “Father of Kryptomon” or not, my title will only get me so far in the upper circles of Keystone’s hierarchy. But if it can unlock a few doors and help allay any suspicions that I might be onto them, it’ll have served it’s purpose; the rest will be up to some good old fashioned reconnaissance.

Kyros was willing enough to participate in the competition to justify a reason for us being there, but Eva absolutely detested the notion of Kryptomons being made to battle each other for sport. And why wouldn’t she? Would you willingly force your best friend up onto an MMA ring where they could get seriously hurt for money?

To add fuel to the fire, where MMA fighters flail against each other with just their fists and feet, who knows what’ll happen in a heated battle between Kryptomons? We’ve still to understand the degree in which Kryptomons can manipulate the elements, but there could well be Kryptomons out there with the power to direct millions of volts of electricity or blaze a trail of destruction with gouts of flame. The risk of permanent damage or even death is very, very real.

I know all of that, I do. But I need Eva there for her connections to the upper echelons of Keystone. Between her performance at the New Year party and her recent run in with Elias Pound, she’s my best shot at schmoozing my way into some clues of Embie. I could see the understanding in her eyes as well, how a chance like this might never come again.

I’m coming for you Embie

The ruins can wait. As much as I’m dying to dig into what this new discovery could mean for us and Kryptomons, the ruins and all its secrets will still be here when I get back. Embie however, needs me now and nothing could be more important.

I haven’t given up on you Embie. One way or another, I’ll find you.

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Carter Mah

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