September 21, 2021

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Day #79 after the incident

Kryptomon — Koa’s Log #2

Day #79 after the incident

There’s a pattern!

There’s no conclusive evidence that the pattern means anything, but after the baffling results from the preliminary tests on the eggs several days ago, this finally feels like I might be on to something.

Since setting up the lab and the surveillance footage a week ago, the eggs have been monitored 24/7 but the initial results have been disappointing so far.

An Update on Eggs

The preliminary tests proved that the eggs aren’t made up of any known substance from Earth. I did find traces of calcium and carbon but some of the eggs are practically on fire! At these temperatures a regular egg shell should be vaporized but these “flaming eggs” seem to have no problem maintaining their structural integrity.

A “flaming egg”

No, it was clear that I’d have to come up with a different angle of attack. Instead of expecting the eggs to behave like something from Earth, I went back to the basics and attempted to classify the eggs based on their physical characteristics. Take the flaming eggs for example, if I made the assumption that all eggs with a temperature of above 100 °C were “flaming eggs” while any egg that had a small electromagnetic field surrounding it was a “magnetic egg” then there are 32 “types” of different eggs.

While this has allowed me to classify the eggs somewhat, it still hasn’t explained how all of this is even possible. Not a single material on Earth can explain how all eggs belonging to the “immaterial egg” type can occasionally blur and allow things to pass through it?

I wonder if I’m on the wrong track. There must be something that I’m still missing, a crucial logic step that would help me unlock the mystery of these eggs.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

A Geographical Pattern

Temporarily stumped on the egg front, I turned to the reports and photos the scout team sent back from when they picked up the eggs. While they were all found in the same approximate area, the reports showed that the eggs were found in small batches scattered around the area instead of just a pile of 10,000 eggs.

Overall the average batch contained approximately 13 eggs, though it’s not yet clear if there is any significance to this number. But! While our scouts didn’t think much of it at the time, there is an undeniable pattern to the number of eggs that were found in each batch.

I re-ordered the excavation logs based on geographical location instead of the order in which they were discovered, and lo and behold, a pattern with the number of eggs retrieved per batch emerged. Batch #1 had 20 eggs, followed by only 1 egg in batch #2 and 4 in batch #3. 18 batches later, this would eventually repeat, over and over again.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

The exact pattern is:


                                                                                                                            .  .  .

So far, it’s still just a mass of seemingly random numbers. Tomorrow I’ve requisitioned the use of a supercomputer to start running some simulations and I’m hopeful that there is a meaning to the pattern, instead of it just being a coincidence.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

-End of Entry 79 in Koa’s Diary-

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

⭐Lore Challenge #1! ⭐

Kryptomon’s first Lore Challenge begins with Professor Koa hard at work in the lab. He’s discovered some clues about the eggs that were recently found but will need some help deciphering the mystery behind the random egg batch numbers! Can YOU figure it out before the supercomputer does?

For those who are up for the challenge, like, retweet and comment on the tweet accompanying this lore piece and let us know your answer! 😉

Rules Reminder

Remember that you will need to complete a series of tasks in order for your answer to be considered valid, which are to:

  • Like and retweet the official Kryptomon tweet linked above
  • Provide your Twitter handle, name and email so that we can contact you if you win
  • Enter your BSC wallet address
  • Submit an answer!

It should go without saying, but if you submit the correct answer and in our checks we notice that you didn’t like/retweet the official Kryptomon tweet, your answer is disqualified and we’ll pick the winner from the remaining submitted answers. So don’t forget to complete all the tasks! 👍

The full set of rules and a more detailed explanation of how Lore Challenges work can be found here in this article.

Good luck trainers! 😉

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

23/9/2021 — Update!

The community has spoken! 64% of the community have voted for a clue to be released in order to hasten the solving of our first ever Lore Challenge. So…

Back in Professor Koa’s Lab

After a hair wrenching 2 days filled with scientists and lab interns who have lost sleep over trying to beat the supercomputer to the answer, it seems that Professor Koa has managed to deduce a clue about the egg batch pattern numbers. What if there is no 1 solution that will instantly provide an answer? What if the numbers are encoded with multiple layers of protection such that the application of one solution, leads to an answer or a string of random letters / numbers that… aren’t actually random? 😉

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

Message From Carter

PS: To answer one of the questions I promised to answer, sort of as a Clue #2 freebie for you guys. I can confirm that knowledge of Kryptomon is necessary in order to solve this puzzle. All your Oxford rocket scientist friends are going to have to read up on Kryptomon if they want to solve it. :)


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