September 28, 2021

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Day #88 after the incident

Kryptomon — Koa’s Log #3

Day #88 after the incident


Do you know that feeling when you realize you’re living through something that is going to change your life? That’s how I feel more and more everyday.

“But, that’s impossible…”. This was the most heard sentence in the lab since the cryptography team had cracked the code behind the location pattern of the eggs. Because, well, it did seem impossible… Instead of finding answers, it seems that all we’ve stumbled upon are more questions.

Initially converting the numbers into letters, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the resulting letters. However, realizing that the 32 egg types could be further condensed into just 8 egg types (fire, water, ground…etc), Dr. TeleTextTrader immediately recognized that these random letters… might not be so random after all. After some trial and error shifting each letter either 8 letters forward or backwards, the message became clear.

Live well my children?” When TeleTextTrader uttered the message to the team, the lab fell silent like I’ve never heard it. Just the whispering buzz of the incubator lights and dozens of researchers dumbstruck. Something like reverent silence. This breakthrough was just what our team needed in all this frustration. There was no better way to hear those words: from the mouth of a human in translation, since TeleTextTrader solved it before the supercomputer did. I would hate to hear those words from Microsoft Sam.

But what does it mean? As flabbergasted as I was, there’s no doubt that this was a message left behind intentionally for us to find. With such random egg batch numbers, how could it be a coincidence? This changes everything. We are not in the black box anymore. We will keep the cryptology close at hand from here on out: we need to keep our ears open and decoders at hand.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .


The logical conclusion is that these eggs we’ve found are someone’s… or rather something’s children. Is it a father? A mother?

What if I’m wrong? What if the “children” in the message aren’t the eggs but something else? Are we the children? Is this a letter on the gift? These questions nag me, but I must stay focused.

More importantly, if this… parent could leave behind 10,000 eggs, what if there are more of them? What if there are eggs scattered across the world, waiting to be found? How many more countries will we need to scour so that we don’t miss any of these eggs? And what can we say about these eggs we manage to find? The codes have told us more than we could ever figure out ourselves. But there must be more to be understood from them directly. We must carry on.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .


I thought I was going crazy this morning watching these eggs. As I was taking surface temperatures of the eggs under incubation, I noticed an unexpected visual distortion from a flaming egg: it seemed to blur its image to the naked eye, the curled flames seem to come in and out of focus — but my words fail me here. It didn’t look like a blur or a smear, but something quite the opposite: a spark of crystals collapsing into itself, like broken pixels in real physical space.

These bursts continued to happen periodically, so I gathered the team to observe and attempt to produce video materials of the phenomenon. We waited for thirty minutes for the egg to pixelate again (Dr. Pacanowski wondered if this would be the unborn creature tapping the shell of its vessel?). I almost fell out of my chair when it happened, I saw clear as day the flaming egg bursting its pixels, but the team looked at me like I was crazy — just seeing stars. They didn’t see anything. Video replay of the egg also showed no distortions… Dr. P was particularly disappointed. But ten years of graduate school did not prepare me to admit this was a fluke. These observations could be a piece of the puzzle… And besides, we have so few pieces at this point, so we must take any chance we get to find a pattern.

I spent the night logging the intervals (in seconds) between the pixely distortions…I’ve never had to focus so hard in my life. The randomness seemed to never end… but this morning it finally closed the second loop. I found a sequence. Yes it’s definitely there, but I’m exhausted and my mind can’t function anymore before getting some sleep. I’ll send the sequence over to the cryptography team and wait for their results. But after what we found out last time, I know that there is, and perhaps it’s the key to better understanding this mystery…

Intervals between distortions in seconds


                                                                                                                            .  .  .

-End of Entry 88 in Koa’s Diary-

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

⭐Lore Challenge #2! ⭐

Lore Challenge #1 Winners!

Well done to TeleTextTrader, hydraranger2 and GmaEugene for their performance in the last Lore Challenge. Barely 15 minutes after the clue was released on Thursday, TeleTextTrader became the winner of Egg 1 as the first person to crack the code! Though 9 people ended up solving it by the deadline, hydraranger2 came out as the lucky winner of Egg 2! And finally, GmaEugene aren’t you glad you retweeted and liked our Tweet? Because he was the winner of Egg 3!

Professor Koa still needs help!

We’re not done yet though! There’s still so much we don’t know about Kryptomon and the second Lore Challenge sees Professor Koa stumped in his lab, trying to understand how the eggs seem to just disappear from the lab! Is there even a message or is it just a mass of random numbers? Can YOU figure it out before the supercomputer does?

For those who are up for the challenge, like, retweet and comment on the tweet accompanying this lore piece and let us know your answer! 😉

Rules Update!

Remember that you will need to complete a series of tasks in order for your answer to be considered valid, which are to:

  • Like and retweet the official Kryptomon tweet linked above
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Provide your Twitter handle, name and email so that we can contact you if you win
  • Enter your BSC wallet address
  • Submit an answer!

I am however, updating the rules slightly. There are 2 main changes to take notice of:

  • Explain how you got to your answer. There’s no need to explain in great detail (unless you’d like to of course), but I do ask that you explain the solution to make sure you didn’t just “steal” the answer from someone else.
  • Submit additional answers in new forms. I’ve updated the form such that it no longer allows for editing after you’ve submitted it. You can still submit as many answers as you’d like, but this just helps me track who was the first one to solve it.

The full set of rules and a more detailed explanation of how Lore Challenges work can be found here in this article.

Good luck trainers!

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

PS: I’ve also left a clue for you guys somewhere else. You might want to start checking out our announcements for a clue of where that “somewhere” might be. I have however, actually made a mistake with that clue so when you eventually do find it, and I know all of you will 😉, replace one of the “i” with an “o”.


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