October 5, 2021

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Day #94 after the incident

Kryptomon — Koa’s Log #4

Day #94 after the incident


This has been a good week. No, it’s been an AMAZING week. After months of puzzling over these eggs and the weird incidents that have been happening we’re finally making some progress. It’s the second week now with a breakthrough, and the messages seem to be coming in more clearly. This time: another revelation. We sent the distortion pattern to cryptography, and after six days of tweaking and toiling, our very own Dr Xhionz managed to find it. What appeared to be just random numbers… actually were only random numbers, except that in the middle of them a message: THE CHOSEN BOND.

I get giddy just thinking about it. I’m not crazy. I’m right. This message explains so much; it’s almost as if this egg was speaking directly to me. But not just me! On Thursday, Prof. Bere saw the same pattern blinking at her from a water-bound egg (dare I say her egg?), and as the weekend went on, more members of our lab had found a particular egg that pixelated at them and them alone. You can imagine the disappointment of our fellow researchers who haven’t yet found “their egg”… How do they know us? What about the rest of us?

The questions only get more urgent and more personal. I’ve never seen this lab so early to rise, coffees so quick to brew, and work so ready to be done. I hear chatter from the interns that they hope an egg might flash its pixely show for them, too. We must find how these eggs have imprinted on some of us, or how we have imprinted on them. I believe our best lead is digital-electromagnetic analysis, based on the complicated nature of these visual distortions; perhaps we can capture them for a closer look.


I should have expected things wouldn’t get simpler from this point out. This morning, we filled the lab before sunrise, and our EM-imaging and electron microscopic equipment was ready to go. We were hoping to get messages directly from the source (mother?, father?) by analyzing the radiation or mapping out the surfaces on a digital matrix, but the result has proven more puzzling than the naked-eye observations. We expected more encryption from what we’ve seen so far. And that’s what we got, but worse.

The digital images we produced were completely illegible, incomprehensible even… we thought at first that our equipment couldn’t handle the electromagnetic load — we expected powerful waves from a thing like a flaming egg, but the signals were manageable in volume: it was rather the image that was beyond quantification. The screens looked like black-white quicksilver, always moving, shifting with no pattern, a million-fold distortion of an image, like the dead pixels we had seen with our own eyes but over and over again every instant. All of our AI image analysis was nonsensical, the images of these eggs changed faster than the neural network could spin its webs of logic.

Whatever code this might be, it is too slippery to make intelligible at this point. The odds of finding a decryptable number in this mess is like hitting 777 on a slot machine: we’re trying to hit a moving target. We will be trying a different angle of attack this afternoon to get as much information about the material of their surfaces through chemical spectrum analysis, and perhaps find a key to this that will tell us why the eggs are behaving this way. Whatever laid these eggs, it certainly made them hard to crack. But we’re too close now… The chosen bond… who else could figure this out but us? Unless we’re kidding ourselves, we are the chosen ones.


Where previously the eggshells themselves were impossible to analyze (how does one begin to analyze an egg that’s constantly on fire?), the higher-ups finally brought in equipment that could withstand everything from freezing cold to relentless heat. Finally, finally we could begin to learn about what wicked substance could produce such staggering material effects. The lab murmured with hypothesis of alien substances, new elements to be discovered, Nobel prizes to be won…

But alas, it seems that the mysteries of these eggs are not so easily solved… When we gathered our first measures, the team scrambled to locate the error. We were dumbfounded by the elements we could identify.

We ran the tests again of course. Ran it once more against a control sample to ensure the machine was in working order. Ran it AGAIN against a randomly selected sample of the 10,000 eggs. But there was no mistaking it, no matter how many times we tried the results were consistent: these eggs, each and every one of them are made up of 3 elements and 3 elements only: Nitrogen, Molybdenum, and Potassium.

It seems crazy just writing it down. As I do, I’m looking at my pixelating flaming egg. An egg supposedly made only of Nitrogen, Molybdenum, and Potassium that should be elementally identical to the one right across the room that’s crackling with electricity. It’s just not possible! What could explain a molecule like this? An alien atomic force we’ve never encountered before? The puzzles continue…


I’ve told the team to get an early night. We’ve been working ourselves to the bone these past couple of days and a good night’s sleep might be just the thing we need when we take another crack at this in the morning. I can’t bring myself to sleep, though. With all of these significant patterns coming from our observations, I can’t help but try to crunch the numbers. I’ll start with atomic numbers. I’ve brought out my trusty Ticonderoga .37278015133577 pencil from my thesis days to try my hand at some amateur cryptography. I know the pros will probably get to something first, but I better try to learn some of their skills, as encryption seems to be a consistent behavior of these specimens. But how?

One thing I do know for sure though, we’re getting close. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s happening soon, and we must be prepared.

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

⭐Lore Challenge #3! ⭐

Lore Challenge #2 Winners!

Well done to Xhionz, nhunate and RizalDestro for their performance in the last Lore Challenge. With plenty of discussions and collaborative problem solving in our TG and Discord channels, Xhionz became the winner of Egg 1 as the first person to crack the code! Despite once again having 9 people who solved it by the deadline (with some familiar names and some new ones), nhunate secured a spot as the lucky winner of Egg 2! And finally, RizalDestro aren’t you glad you retweeted and liked our Tweet? Because he was the winner of Egg 3!

Professor Koa still needs help!

We’re not done yet though! The mysteries of the Kryptomon world are slowly becoming clearer but the third Lore Challenge sees Professor Koa and his team taking the night off, tired after weeks of analyzing the eggs and stumped by the new results from the digital imaging and the chemical composition of the eggs.

Tomorrow, the supercomputer goes back to work. The question is, can you find the hidden message before the supercomputer does?

For those who are up for the challenge, like, retweet and comment on the tweet accompanying this lore piece and let us know your answer! 😉

Rules Reminder!

Remember that you will need to complete a series of tasks in order for your answer to be considered valid, which are to:

  • Like and retweet the official Kryptomon tweet linked above
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Provide your Twitter handle, name and email so that we can contact you if you win
  • Enter your BSC wallet address
  • Submit an answer!

The full set of rules and a more detailed explanation of how Lore Challenges work can be found here in this article.

Good luck trainers!

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

PS: A personal shoutout to Mortafix and his gf who are hardcore code breakers. I’m sorry you didn’t win this time, (you did get the answer in the end!) but I’m rooting for both of you next round!


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