Carter Mah

April 4, 2022

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[Koa’s Lab — April]

The bank?

THE Keystone Bank???

Of course they had something to do with it. The pink serum is a breakthrough in the production and storage of clean energy. It has the potential to bring energy generation and battery companies like Siemens or Tesla to its knees if word ever got out.

But then why interfere now? It’s their money that funds this research, this entire operation. They already own the intellectual property rights to everything that we do here. Eventually I would have just handed them the data and all the pink serum we had. Why risk blowing up the lab?

Unless it wasn’t the bank? Could it have been Tesla or a worried competitor out there who’s trying steal it all and pin it on the bank?

Either way, this is the biggest lead I’ve gotten so far. Embie has been gone for months now and the bank, or whoever was in that van, is my only chance of getting him back. With any luck, I’ll be able to magnify the picture, get the plate number and start tracking it down.

For now… the best thing to do is to pretend like I know nothing so I don’t spook whoever was in that van. Not until I’ve found Embie.

High Stakes with Dangerous Consequences

Eva can never find out. She wouldn’t believe me anyways, with the bank being the only reason she’s still alive right now.

This isn’t us playing James Bond and going on pretend spy missions anymore. She really could have died out there, alone and with no support. It was my fault for sending her there, with barely any information on what Diabaté was doing. I sure as hell ain’t about to make that mistake again.

Eva thinks this Elias character was there by coincidence, and he did save her life. But knowing what I now know about the bank, could it really be that simple? The logical side of me knows that it’s likely only the top dogs will have access to that kind of information so is he one of them or is he just a regular employee who happened to be in the right place at the right time?

Regardless, I’m not putting Eva in that kind of danger again. I can tell she doesn’t want to worry me, but there’s no way I’m letting her go to Greece by herself. Not again. We’ll have Kyros and Fyllo with us there as well so fingers crossed, nothing out of the ordinary will happen.


Speaking of Fyllo, this evolution changes everything! It’s also proof that there’s just so much more about Kryptomon that we don’t know yet. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t eager to see how Fyllo’s changed since the evolution. We theorized that Kryptomons wouldn’t grow the same way humans did, but this rapid overnight growth confirms it.

What new powers will Fyllo now have access to in its evolved form? Or maybe increased control over its existing elemental powers? Fyllo’s always been able to manipulate small plant life in a limited area around him, so I wonder if that limitation has changed. The ability to control larger plant life? Increased range?

Most importantly though, is what triggered this evolution? Could it be triggered again for more growth? Hopefully we’ll get some answers when we travel to Greece next month.

In other updates, there’s only 4 more months until I can finally get rid of Lise. God that girl is going to be the death of me! She is precisely what you’d imagine if a min-maxer in DnD dumped all of their points into Intelligence and used Wisdom as a dump stat.

Just the other day she started live-streaming in the lab. A lab filled with top… secret… research.

Sigh… I’m a fan of the apprenticeship program, but leave apprentices to scientists in more traditional labs. Not in mine where we barely know what we’re doing half the time and her negligence could quite literally get all of us killed.

The little “monster” was overjoyed when she heard I’d be leaving for Greece. I just hope Wang will be able to keep her in check and I won’t come back to find my lab completely dyed in pink. 😑

Carter Mah

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