October 20, 2021

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Kryptomon — Our Final Lore Challenge Winners!

My Own Kryptomon

Where do I even begin? To say today has felt like a dream might be a cliché, but there’s really no other word to describe it. It feels surreal to even think of last night. I’ll never forget it.

At some point in the night, my egg (I really think of it as mine now) began to wobble in my arms, and what was a gentle heat before began to pulse in waves, hotter and hotter. I was woken up by what felt like the egg trying to press itself against my arms. Was it its instinct to feel for its mother in the moments before its hatching? A part of me wanted to hold it closer, but the heat became too much; I could only step back and watch the miracle.

A crack, a flash of light and out of this egg: a creature unlike any on earth peeked out from its shell with bright black eyes. It was.. happy?! I don’t know how I knew that but I just did. It pranced around on my desk, seemingly already in control of it’s limbs despite having only been born mere moments ago. I had never seen anything like it. Its red skin was covered in a layer of pale fire like white-hot fog, with long trails of flame coursing along its back — they looked like solar flares. I’ve never seen fire moving like this… nor a creature like this but there it was. A Fire Kryptomon… MY fire Kryptomon.

But despite all this strange power, despite the small flames blazing on it’s back, it didn’t seem aggressive whatsoever, at least not toward me. Maybe I’m biased, but it was more… cute than anything else? As I approached to examine its skin, its fire calmed and the burning aura receded, becoming a gentle warmth to the touch as it nuzzled it’s head against my fingers. It’s as if these creatures have complete control of their elemental features — perhaps simply through instinct, but we have so much to learn about how these Kryptomon think. These are just babies, after all… we know nothing about their potential. We can’t just be researchers now; these eggs have hatched in our arms and we can’t shake these chosen bonds.

The lab was giddy like a daycare this morning, it was wonderful. Each of us were with our imprinted Kryptomon and we just sat at our desks and marveled at them, playing with them. Sharing little moments. Prof. Bere showed us her Water Kryptomon: how it would shake its fin-like tail and spray clouds of tiny droplets over the incubator floor. Who knew such a mystical creature — with powers unexplainable by any earthly technology — could be so cute?? We needed this… a break from the furious note-taking and code breaking we’ve experienced over the past month, to just be with the Kryptomons on their birthday.

What’s next?

But I need a break from the buzz; I feel overwhelmed. So much has happened in one day and it’s just… a lot to process. What happens now? These infant Kryptomon are cute and agreeable now, but can we handle them when they’re grown? What of their elemental powers? Or do they even grow? Maybe they hatch fully grown and will always stay like this? The lab is excited, but I sense worry in some of the more… prudent team members. There are hundreds of questions and plenty of research that we’ll have to conduct in the future, but will we like the answers we find?

Maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist, but I have a feeling these Kryptomon can be our companions. They came to us for a reason. Besides, in all my research with newborn animals (admittedly, not as much as Prof. B has done, I’m sure she’ll correct me if I’m wrong), I’ve never seen an infant born so fearless or so cheery. But it all became too much in the lab, all the chatter, all the questions… I needed a walk.

It really makes you wonder — seeing how a Grass Kryptomon can wiggle its vines or rustle its leaves — how nature on earth moves the way it does. The trees look a little different now when they catch a breeze, maybe it’s a friendly wave or a sleepy sigh. But I’m running on so little sleep, it’s like dreams are spilling over. Or it’s just a beautiful night. After being within inches of these small Kryptomon and seeing them play with their elements like toys in a crib: Ice Kryptomon blowing snowflakes from their snouts… Air Kryptomon weaving little tornadoes with their claw… these elements — everything out here seems so much smaller. What’s a breeze to a creature that can stir up its own weather? I love seeing things in a new way.

It really is a beautiful night, and the moon is bright like a frosted mirror. Almost a full moon. What a thing to see.

[End of Chapter 0]

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

⭐Final Lore Challenge Winners! ⭐

A huge shoutout for the final winners of the Koa’s Log Lore Challenge series. The first to solve the puzzle was _Z_e_r_e_f_, coming in first amongst the 110+ responses received over the week. The second egg was won by RuciferX and the final Twitter lottery egg snapped up by CryptoGamer392!

To end things off, I’m NOT planning to give you the solution or the answer to this particular puzzle. The “surprise” is still there for people who manage to solve it, and there it’ll stay as a nice little reminder of how the Lore Challenges came to an end.

However, just because the Lore Challenges are over doesn’t mean that we don’t still have exciting new updates into Koa’s life waiting for you in the near future. The end of Chapter 0 sees Koa and the lab celebrating the birth of their Kryptomon, taking a short break in between the madness of all the research they’ve been doing over the past month.

There are still plenty of questions left to answer though! Only the bonded eggs hatched for the scientists that had found their eggs, with the large majority of the 10,000 eggs still sitting in their incubators. What will happen to them? Will these Kryptomons evolve? Most importantly, why did these Kryptomons appear to us now?

Catch you next time in Chapter 1 — The Pink Moon. 🌙

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

PS: If you’re really curious what the answer is, and what the “surprise” was, I suppose you could try asking around in the community to see if someone who’s solved it already will give you the answer. 😉

                                                                                                                            .  .  .

And to all of the newcomers who want to know more and start to play to earn their own Kryptomons, welcome!


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