Michelle Smith Gabela

January 24, 2023

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Kryptomon Partners with the 2D Pixel Web3 Giant, Habbo

Join the Kryptomon AR treasure hunt then celebrate at the Habbo hosted After Party!

We are excited to announce a new marketing collaboration with Habbo X, the upcoming game from the creators of Habbo Hotel that focuses on community building, interoperability, and play-and-earn mechanics. This collaboration between Kryptomon and Azerion brings together two of the most exciting and innovative companies in the web3 gaming industry and will provide players with exciting events to earn unique rewards and have fun.

To mark the launch of our mobile AR treasure hunt game, “Pink Moon”, we have teamed up with HabboX to celebrate big (and in 2D pixel style!). As part of the collaboration, we will be featuring Habbo in the upcoming edition of the monthly “Pink Moon” event, a treasure hunt experience powered by AR where participants play as “trainers” using the GPS location in their mobile devices to find nearby in-game items. During this special event, participants will be able to obtain exclusive co-branded t-shirts, hoodies, and an NFT version of the co-branded hoodie. These items are in addition to the regular prizes offered during the monthly event.

When will the Kryptomon x HabboX Pink Moon Treasure Hunt event take place?

The Kryptomon x HabboX Pink Moon Treasure Hunt experience will start on Sunday 5th of February at 3 PM UTC and end on Tuesday 7th of February at 3 PM UTC.

How can I join this special-edition Pink Moon event?

If you are coming from the Habbo community, make sure to secure your spot at the official landing page: www.kryptomon.co/habbo before the 1st of February at 22.00 UTC and have installed the Pink Moon mobile app on Google PlayStore and through Apple’s Testflight.

If you are a Kryptomon player, you can join the event as how you join any other Pink Moon event, easy-peasy.

Join the After Party at Habbo’s Metaverse:

Habbo will bring Kryptomon players to its community of avid gamers, introducing us to their immersive world with a dedicated “Kryptomon-style” After Party Room hosted in their metaverse.

The event takes place on Tuesday 7th of February from 18:00 to 20:00 UTC.

To join the Habbo afterparty, be sure to create an account: www.habbox.game

Full instructions on how to connect to both platforms will follow on the event’s official website:


Michelle Smith Gabela

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