Carter Mah

February 25, 2022

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Hey nerd,

I briefly considered starting this with “Dear Professor Koa”, but that just didn’t seem right. Just because people are now calling you the “Father of Kryptomon” doesn’t change the fact that I used to have to bail you out of trouble whenever those kids started beating you up.

A 4000 Year Old Mystery

Anyways, there’s something you should see. Fyllo and I were called in to support a team of archeologists who’ve been working in the nearby area, one of the lesser known ruins near the red ruins of Knossos Palace. Apparently they found something new, some writing and decorative etchings on a wall that they swear weren’t there before.

I can’t be sure till we do more checks, but it’s no wonder I was called in. We’ve either finally found the mythical Minotaur labyrinths of legend or the first clue that Kryptomons aren’t exactly new to Earth. I’ll keep you posted, but you and Lise might want to move up your trip to Greece.

Lise, the Flower of My Heart

Speaking of Lise, did she… say anything about me? I did send flowers last week but I never heard back. You’d tell me if she just threw them out wouldn’t you?

It took me ages to find the right ones! I didn’t even go hunting for eggs last week during the full moon because I was busy searching for the Hydrangeas she said she liked. I just remember seeing people flocking around in droves trying to find Kryptomon eggs. Did you ever come up with a theory as to why Kryptomon eggs seem to pop up whenever there’s a full moon?

Either way, the other guys in the lab have started calling it a monthly “treasure hunt”. I’ll be joining them tomorrow to make sure we save as many Kryptomon eggs as possible!

Fyllo… But Bigger

I just know that you’re going to geek out about this, but it looks like your theory on Kryptomons aging in a vastly different manner from us humans is right on the money. It makes sense, since these little things seem to be able to do all the things we used to think only the Greek Gods like Zeus and Poseidon could. Control the weather, summon the earth and fire… Heck, if these guys weren’t so damned cute, we might have been a little more apprehensive.

Fyllo says hi. Here’s a picture of him and you might have noticed that he’s gotten a little bit bigger. A whole lot bigger, and all of a sudden as well. I went to bed one night with the tiny guy and woke up to this the next day.

Not going to lie, I was a little afraid at first. But besides the size, nothing else has changed. He seems like the same Fyllo I used to have to carry around on my shoulders. No idea how that happened but I know you’ll figure it out. And before you ask, yes, I’ve already uploaded a copy of the DNA test to the server, you should already have access.

That’s about it I think. Been a lot going on with the archeologists and Fyllo’s random growth spurt. I’ve also taken up boxing, good way to get me off the chair and doing some exercise. We aren’t as young as we used to be you know? Can’t be stuffing our faces with pizza anymore and thinking we’ll still have abs the next day. You should think about doing the same instead of being stuck in that lab everyday.

Right. I’m off! See ya nerd.


And hey, we’re going to find Embie. I’ve got my eyes peeled out here in Greece and have been talking to the other guys as well. He’ll turn up eventually.

Chin up!

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Carter Mah

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