Carter Mah

June 13, 2022

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The Strongest Kryptomon… in training

The Training Program

“Eighty-seven, Eighty-eight…”

Gripping the 20kg weighted vest he had strapped on, Kyros’s expression was permanently twisted into a grimace as he lowered himself into his 89th squat of the day. “Come on Fyllo! Twelve more squats and we’ll be done!”

“Grr!” came the enthusiastic reply. Doing squats in a custom, 50kg weighted vest built specifically for him, Fyllo’s expression mirrored his trainer’s as both man and trainer struggled to pump out the remaining twelve squats.

Grunts filled the air as Eva and Koa sat nearby, bemusedly watching the heavy exercise regimen but making no move to participate.

“You do know that there’s absolutely no scientific proof that this training program will work right?” Eva said while leaning over to pick up the piece of paper that was the source of all this exercise. Kyros had immediately begun the new training plan following the news that the Keystone Group would be hosting the first ever Kryptomon Battle League.

“100 pushups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups and a 10km run every day?” Koa reads. “For the heroes out there who want to make something of themselves. Warning, side effects may include a loss of hair”

“Where do you even get this stuff Kyros?”

“Hey we only have 2 weeks left before the competition.” Kyros replied, unbuckling his weighted vest before moving to help Fyllo with his. “Let’s not forget that you’re the one who asked me to join it.”

“Well yeah but you didn’t need to start training for it. You and Fyllo are already the strongest trainer we know” replied Koa sheepishly.

“Hey if we’re going to do it, we might as well take home the championship!” Kyros grinned in response. “That and the $100,000 for coming in first will help with Fyllo’s upkeep. You guys have no idea how much Fyllo eats now that he’s all grown up.”

Reaching over and grabbing two water bottles, he tossed one over his shoulder that Fyllo promptly caught. Despite having just completed the intensive workout, both trainer and Kryptomon looked almost eager to continue.

“Come on Fyllo. Let’s do one more set of target practice with your Whirlwind of Thorns skill.” Kyros said, already walking over to the garage where several straw dummies had been set up. “We’ll need to make sure each one of your thorns finds its mark if we want to be champion!”


No Pain, No Gain

“Come on Fyllo!”

Yelps filled the air as Kyros, armed with boxing gloves repeatedly pummeled Fyllo. Despite the pain, Fyllo didn’t retaliate and remained stationary as he took the heavy blows.

“I still think this is a terrible way to be training your Kryptomon” Eva sighed, a look of defeated acceptance on her face.

“You can argue with his methods, but you can’t deny the results. Besides, you know that Fyllo was the one who started it” Koa responded as he watched his friend throw blow after blow that would make any man wince. “Wow, he really isn’t pulling any of his punches is he?”

“Still… there must be a better way of training Fyllo’s Blessing of Nature skill”

“Look at how fast Fyllo can heal himself now. A week ago Fyllo was scratching himself and healing minor wounds. Now he’s taking Kyros’s full strength and barely flinching.”

A Game of Catch, Fyllo style

“Ready Fyllo?” Eva hollered as she, Koa and Kyros all stood in a large triangle around Fyllo.


At once, the three scientists began to throw an assortment of items up into the air. Pepsi cans, books, even a dumbbell began sailing through the air — some towards Fyllo and others in random directions.

This modified version of catch was the newest training exercise they had come up to improve the number of vines Fyllo could control at will. Accuracy and multi-tasking was the name of the game here as he began to independently manipulate each of the 4 vines that had been summoned from the ground.

“This is too easy isn’t it Fyllo? Think you can go a bit faster?” Kyros grinned at his partner.


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Carter Mah

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