Carter Mah

July 18, 2022

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Kyros’s Update #3

A wider plot afoot?

The Three Musketeers

Hey nerd! Come look at this!

Eva grinned as Koa looked up from his research, completely unperturbed at the nickname Kyros still used for him.

This was the “Father of Kryptomon”, the man who now stood at the apex of Kryptomon research. With Kryptomons capturing the hearts of many and quickly becoming the hottest new trend, it wasn’t long before Koa was featured on many a publication and invited as a guest onto popular talk shows that were televised to millions all around the world.

And yet, the man who had to turn down an invitation from Oprah had not changed one whit. Watching Koa shuffle over to Kyros and quickly becoming engrossed in the email on the screen, Eva’s smile only grew wider as she was convinced that their friendship would never change.

A New Puzzle Piece

Just think what this could mean!” Kyros exclaimed excitedly. “This could be the missing link we needed to bust this mystery right open.

Koa dropped into the nearby chair, his calm expression failing to hide the excitement in his eyes as he processed the new information. “We don’t know what it means yet, or even if it has enough in parallel with modern languages that the linguists could try and understand it.”

But you have to admit, this and the murals are definitive proof that humans before us must have known about Kryptomons!” Kyros shot back, his enthusiasm not waned the slightest.

About to nod, Koa paused as the wider implications of it all began to settle in. His smile disappeared, replaced by a grim frown as he looked back at the email still on Kyros’s screen.

The more important question is — If Kryptomons really existed hundreds of years ago, why isn’t there a single known record about them before we discovered that ruin?

Carter Mah

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