Michelle Smith Gabela

June 13, 2023

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Eggciting news for all Kryptomon breeders out there! The Kryptomon Breeding System has just undergone an update, and we are here to give you all the details!

The changes are designed to improve the experience of breeders of all Kryptomons and deliver some long-standing changes to bring breeding in line with the original intended design.

Class-Based Cost Structures

The baseline cost for breeding will now be determined by the Kryptomons class to help improve the supply of Kryptomon at all strength and market levels.

The class of the Kryptomon will use the existing classes defined in the TrainerHub - Elite, Veteran, and Rookie. The fee structure for breeding Kryptomons will remain the same, with each breed costing 10% more per breed. However, this time it's based on the base fee for that parent:

Updated Mutation Rates

The table above outlines the updates to the overall mutation rate based on the lowest generation in the breeding pair. We have slightly increased the mutation rate for higher generations compared to the previous breeding mutation rates. 

Improvements for Low Generation Breeding

If generation is higher than 5 it defaults to the value for 5.

The minimum positive mutation has moved to a scaled approach vs. a flat amount across all generations previously. The original design on breeding was meant to create significantly higher value in breeding lower generation Kryptomons but that turned out to not be the case in practice.

Lower generation Kryptomon now have higher minimum mutation points which when coupled with their lower overall mutation rate will give them much more predictable offspring.

For example, previously a Generation 0 Kryptomon would only have had 5 pts potential upside and 0% negative mutation - in the new model, the Generation 0 will now have 11 pts of upside and still 0% negative mutation.  To determine the positive mutation you now take the greater of the value in the table and the higher parent's gene multiplied by the mutation rate.

We are continuously trying to improve and balance all the various aspects of the game and we hope that these changes will continue to improve our players' experiences and create new markets for Kryptomon that previously didn’t exist.

So, if you're a Kryptomon breeder, join us in fostering a balanced breeding economy and get ready to take advantage of this new system! The stage is set, and the opportunities are limitless. We can't wait to see what amazing new creatures you come up with!

Want to learn more about breeding? Visit our KMON Academy to get more information about all the ins and outs of this eggciting system:


Michelle Smith Gabela

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