A tactical turn-based RPG where you Collect, train and battle with unique elemental living Kryptomons.

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A good battle strategy may not be enough.
To be the best you need a highly trained team of Kryptomons.

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An apple a day
keeps the Doctor away

Kryptomons are living creatures. Keep them alive by giving it's favourite food. Did it get injured while battling? Choose from basic potions to more advanced medical tools to quickly restore your Kryptomon's health.

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Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure? Every week you have ten
challenging quests waiting for you.
The rewards will be well worth your efforts.

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The more
The merrier

Produce new and unique offspring!
While inheriting traits from both parents, breeding can also result in the creation of stronger and more powerful Kryptomons, allowing players to build a diverse, thriving team.

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Won by Champions

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Fight against other trainers in your local community for eternal glory or unique rewards.

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Fight your way through every stage to ultimately face the infamous Dark Kryptomons. Emerge victorious and be the saviour of Kogaea.

the power
your Kryptomon

Collect all the armour scraps throughout the different stages and gain that winning edge during hard battles by crafting your very own armour set.

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with battle items

Gather extra charges to spice up your elemental spells or restore your Kryptomons health with our combat items and potions.

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We value your time and skills.
Earn $KMON by enjoying the game and completing the toughest challenges.


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