Berend Ouwerling

January 17, 2024

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Announcing a Strategic Partnership with Baby Doge

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Baby Doge, the beloved crypto brand known for its community-focused approach and innovative projects. This exclusive partnership marks a significant milestone for both communities, offering a unique and limited-time opportunity for fans of KMON and Baby Doge.

The Eggciting Highlights:

  1. A limited edition Baby Doge NFT that is playable in KMON Genesis & KMON World of Kogaea
  2. A dual currency on the KMON item shop
  3. Free give-away for 100 lucky holders of the $KMON token and $BabyDoge

A limited edition Baby Doge NFT

To celebrate this alliance we are introducing an exclusive in-game Baby Doge NFT cosmetic item that’s playable in KMON Genesis and our flagship game, KMON World of Kogaea. This unique NFT will be a delightful addition to the game, allowing players to sport the iconic Baby Doge dog head in a fun and engaging way.

Supply: 10k Rarity: Rare

How to get a hold on the Baby Doge NFT

  1. This exclusive Baby Doge NFT cosmetic will be available for purchase exclusively using KMON and Baby Doge tokens valued at $9,99 on KMON's Trainer Hub.
  2. Additionally, in the spirit of community and celebration, 100 lucky holders of 6k $KMON and 32billion $BabyDoge tokens (both valued at around 40$) will have the chance to win this unique NFT during the whitelisting stage of the upcoming community event.

Buy in-game items with $BabyDoge 

The Baby Doge Partnership isn't just about aesthetics but also on utility, elevating the integration between two communities. From today onwards, it’s possible to by in-game items in the KMON Item shop with $BabyDoge as payment currency.

Start playing World of Kogaea - Revelry of the Frost

The holiday season may be over on Earth, but in Kogaea, it’s just getting started! The Emissary of the Frost has arrived and he’s brought presents, cool cosmetics and snowballs...

How to start playing WOK, Baby Doge style

  • Head over to the event page Reverly of the Frost and whitelist
  • Create your Trainershub Account
  • Head over to the flash sale page and buy you BabyDoge NFT
  • Check yourinstruction in your email where to download World of Kogaea

Berend Ouwerling

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