Michelle Smith Gabela

April 22, 2023

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Monetize Your Time While Having Fun: Earning Possibilities in the KMON Ecosystem

The KMON Ecosystem offers more than just an immersive and fun game experience - it provides players with numerous opportunities to win digital collectibles (NFTs) and even earn $KMON, the game's native cryptocurrency. With $KMON, players can purchase in-game items or exchange them for real-world currency. In this blog post, we will delve into the various earning avenues within the KMON Ecosystem!

Earn up to $14 dollar per week. Check out our weekly pay-outs.

All rewards are based on a skill-based revenue share model. It takes the total number of players that achieved a certain objective/milestone in a week based on the total revenue of that week. This means that skilled players with proper resources who put in the effort are more likely to achieve higher rewards. Current weekly average is up to $50 in tokens.

We are always to create a sustainable economy where we have the right reward vs effort balance. Don’t expect to get rich or earn without breaking a sweat.

KMON: Genesis

“The first chapter of your new trainer life. Care, train fight, and breed with a Kryptomon”.

In KMON: Genesis you take care, train, and battle with your digital creatures.

Daily free loot boxes:

  • To upkeep Kryptomons, every 24 hours collect free loot boxes filled with valuable items that help you take care of your Kryptomons.

Weekly Quests ($):

  • Earn $KMON coins for completing Quest 5 and 10.
  • Earn caring items and training tickets from other quests.
  • Get one random boost token bound NFT for completing Quest 10, which helps in crafting non-bound Powerup NFTs.
Complete quest 5 and 10 to earn $KMON

The Dojo:

  • Try your skills against bots and earn Star Training Tickets which help in the instant training of Kryptomons.

Story Challenge ($$):

  • $KMON:
  1. Earn micro $KMON amount from Chapters 4,5 and 6.
  2. Earn a small $KMON amount from Random Normal Mode.
  3. Earn a medium $KMON amount from Random Normal Mode and Random Hero Mode.
  4. Earn a large sum of $KMON from Random Hero Mode.
  • Armor Scraps:

Scraps help you to craft a full armor that you can use in the game to improve your Kryptomons or can sell to other players on the KMON Marketplace. More info in the Academy.

  1. Earn Scraps starting from Story Chapter 3.
  2. Chapter 3 - 1x Armour Scraps.
  3. Chapter 4 & 5, - 2x Armour Scraps.
  4. Chapter 6, - 3x Armour Scraps.
  5. Random Normal Mode - 4x Armour Scraps.
  6. Random Hero Mode - 5x Armour Scraps.

Battle Consumables:

  • Consumable boxes from each chapter.
The more you win, the more value you get

Weekly Sit & Play Tournament
Battle up with your best team in our new weekly Sit & Play tournament. Higher entree free = higher rewards.

Excited? Go and start playing KMON Genesis.

KMON: Pink Moon Event

“During each month’s full moon, go out and hunt in your city with some AR goggles”

The Pink Moon Event is the monthly KMON event where players get to go outside and using the KMON: Pink Moon mobile app, look for mystery boxes that contain valuable items. Occasionally, these events are celebrated together with partner brands in which, if you are lucky, you can get exclusive digital and/or physical items.


  • If you're lucky then you can find a random $KMON amount from one of the mystery boxes in the Pink Moon Event.


  • Chance to get various Kryptomon NFTs including, Kryptomon Eggs, Booster tokens, Hunters pass, Armor scraps, and some special collaboration items.

In-game Items:

  • Chances to win in-game loot boxes, Star Tickets, and normal Training Tickets.

Breeding/Trading of NFTs

  • Master the breeding skills of Kryptomons, understand the market, and sell your breeds on the marketplace.

Crafting System

  • Earn wallet-bound NFTs by playing the various KMON games, Then craft them into Non-bound NFTs and sell them to other players in the KMON Marketplace.

Curious on the next hunt? Go and explore KMON Pink Moon.

KMON: World of Kogaea Preview Events

“Craft, battle, and explore Kogaea with your Kryptomons in this massive mobile MMORPG”.

World of Kogaea is currently under development, but we are proud to offer our players the chance to participate in World of Kogaea Community Previews, where players revel in the stunning landscape alongside fellow trainers and seize the chance to compete for exclusive digital collectibles, found nowhere else.

Go check it out!

Community Events

Join various one-off community events happening in KMON (like the Pink Moon creators challenge, Game Nights, etc)  to win $KMON coins, NFTs, and other in-game items.

We hope you found this guide helpful. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our team: https://discord.gg/kryptomon

Michelle Smith Gabela

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