Michelle Smith Gabela

October 11, 2023

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Welcome to WOKtober - An eggciting month to celebrate the upcoming preview of World of Kogaea: Monsters Gone Wild. Whether you're new to the KMON Saga or a seasoned player, get ready for thrilling quests, action-packed battles, and an epic prize pool of 1 MILLON $KMON in WOKtober Quest!

Visit the Official Web Page: https://www.kryptomon.co/woktober 

Join the Festivities

Pink Moon Treasure Hunt:

Embark on a thrilling adventure to find hidden treasures under the enchanting Pink Moon's glow. This special edition offers additional prizes and more days to join the fun!

Whitelist Now 

Event Dates:

👉 Start: 20th Oct - 1 PM UTC

👉 End: 27th Oct - 1 PM UTC

Enter the World of Kogaea:

Ready to hunt some monsters? Be the first to get a glimpse of World of Kogaea during the exclusive community preview: Monsters Gone Wild. All participants will receive some rare Pink Moon Shards NFTs! 

Whitelist open: 20th of October

Event Dates:

👉 Start: 30th Oct - 1 PM UTC

👉 End: 5th Nov  - 1 PM UTC

WOKtober Quest

Until the 6th of November, there will be fun and rewarding WOKtober Quests. Complete them, climb the leaderboard, and win eggciting rewards! 

🌟 A Share of 1 MILLION $KMON Coins

🌟 NFT Kryptomon Eggs

🌟 WoK Preview spots

🌟 Merch

🌟 & Much more…

Will you make it to the top? 🏆 

Enter WOKtober Quest: https://zealy.io/c/kmon/questboard  

Join Special Live Events

Many live events will take place during World of Kogaea: Monsters Gone Wild Edition:

🎥 Entering Kogaea: 30th Oct - 3 PM UTC

🎥 Monsters Gone Spooky: 31st Oct - 1 PM UTC 

🎥 Kogaean Adventures: 2nd Nov - 2 PM UTC

🎥 Closing Party: 4th Nov - 3 PM UTC

Make sure to stay tuned for future updates!

Your WOKtober Gaming Experience Starts NOW!


Don't miss this exciting journey into the Universe of KMON during WOKtober. Mark your calendars, gather your fellow trainers, and prepare to embark on this epic adventure!

Michelle Smith Gabela

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