Michelle Smith Gabela

September 26, 2023

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Ever wonder what the benefits of NFTs in gaming are? Specifically, owning a Kryptomon NFT from the KMON Saga? This week we'll discuss all the benefits of owning one!

KMON offers a unique web3 gaming experience centered around collecting and battling with rare digital elemental Kryptomons. While free Synthetic Kryptomons provide a great way to help trainers learn about caring for and fighting with Kryptomons before they bond with their very own ones, there are important advantages to owning an NFT Kryptomon.

True Asset Ownership and Value

Kryptomon NFTs are digital assets recorded on the blockchain. This gives you complete ownership and control over your rare digital pet (not us!). By owning them you can:

  1. Breed with your own(ed) Kryptomons or with Kryptomons from other Trainers. By breeding, you are creating a new Kryptomon NFT which can be played with, or because you own it, trade it with other trainers. 
  2. Sell, trade, or transfer them freely. You can list your Kryptomons for sale on the Market or give them to other trainers, friends, and family members.
  3. Name it and make it truly YOUR Kryptomon.

Access Exclusive Features, No Restrictions

Essential parts in the KMON Game Saga are accessible to NFT holders only. These Kryptomons are just different breeds than Synthetic Kryptomons. 

  1. In KMON Genesis, Kryptomon NFTs can progress further than Chapter 4 in the Story Mode, play for ultimate glory, climb the ladders in Battle League, or compete in all paid tournaments such as Sit & Play.
  2. Whitelist opportunity for the quarterly Pink Moon Treasure Hunt where trainers can collect NFTs, $KMON, and many valuable game items. 
  3. Get full access to future previews on World of Kogaea, verified trainer roles in Discord, access to Kryptomon AI (Discord), and much more! 

Reap the Rewards (with real-world value)

Playing a Web3 game means consequential that some items have real-world value, like NFTs and $KMON. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Find $KMON drops and NFTs in the quarterly Pink Moon Hunt.
  2. Get valuable drops of Armor NFTs from Story Challenge 4 and upwards.
  3. Have the opportunity to get to hero mode in Story Challenges which will get you the maximum $KMON bag possible. 
  4. Play the Trader Meta. Because you own most game assets, you can buy low, and sell high by adding value via training for example. The sky is the limit! 

Assemble the Ultimate Squad

Kryptomons are elemental creatures with a unique DNA. There are more than 15+ traits that impact the behaviour, power, and capabilities in battle! Synthetic Kryptomons are a great start to learn, but they are capped at lower ranks.

By choosing your own Kryptomon NFT, you can go big and form a team that can compete with the best.

What are you waiting for? Go and find your truly, owned Kryptomon!

Michelle Smith Gabela

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